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Meet Purrcy! He’s a stunning, 6-year-old adventure cat from New York.

His human mom, Maria, tells us all about Purrcy in the story below.

Keep reading to discover how a once homeless cat became a loved and admired park mascot!

Sweet Beginnings

We adopted 2-year-old Purrcy on our vacation to Florida.

He was homeless and being fostered at my aunts house while looking for a forever home.

He loved our son right away and followed him everywhere. We welcomed him into our family and our motorhome.

The name the shelter gave him was Purrcy and we liked it enough to keep it as his name!

Purrcy the Adventure Cat

He now has been from Florida to New York, to all the New England states, Utah, and everywhere in between.

We spend winters in Florida where all the state park rangers love him and call him the park mascot!

Campers from all over the country stop to pet and talk with him.

He loves having his leash tied somewhere close to us where he can relax and enjoy nature.

Purrcy is leash trained and loves leashed walks with our son! They are the best of friends.

What does Purrcy like to do for fun?

Purrcy is a people pleaser. He loves making new friends.

He greets everyone that will stop and say hello.

He’s also known for napping upside down and climbing trees like the little jungle cat he is.

Purrcy eats veterinary formula food for urinary issues, but his favorite snack is licking the bowl with spaghetti sauce.

What is Purrcy’s personality like?

Purrcy is so sweet and kind to everyone.

He truly wants to make people happy and he’s never failed.

He’s also laid back enough to let children pick him up and play with him.

When he sees a kid, he runs up to them to play!

We can’t imagine our lives without Purrcy. He really is a one-of-a-kind cat!

I’d like to thank National Kitty for caring about and making a difference for rescue kitties like Purrcy!

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7 Replies to “PURRCY”

  1. Purrcy is a beautiful kitty. Rescue cats are the best and they will love you forever for rescuing them. My cat Chloe is a Tuxedo cat. All our cats have been rescues.

  2. Love the name Purrcy. We had a B & W Tuxedo. Similar “Purrcinality” to Purrcy. We now have a grey/white tuxedo. Very friendly. Love our kitties. Thank you for sharing the story of your wonderful kitty

    lar “purr

  3. Purrcy is a handsome and adorable cat. I’m so happy he has a wonderful family who loves him.

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