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Meet Shadow! She’s a beautiful 8-year-old cat from Kansas.

It’s hard to believe that Shadow remained unadopted at the shelter for 5 whole years.

Now she’s living the good life with her forever family!

Her human mom, Leigh, tells us all about sweet Shadow in the story below.

Humble Beginnings

I adopted Shadow in March of 2021 from Lifeline Animal Protection Program in Wichita, Kansas.

When I adopted her, she came with the name Audrey Hepburn.

I was told she had been at LAPP for five years!

No one wanted her until I showed up.

I was introduced to several cats, but “Audrey Hepburn” was the only one that liked to be held.

She also purred immediately upon meeting me.

After taking her cat home, I tried using the name Audrey, but it just didn’t seem to fit her.

I noticed she followed me everywhere, to the point where I’d almost trip over her.

One day I said to her, “You must think you are my shadow” and that’s how Audrey Hepburn was renamed Shadow.

She soon responded routinely to her new name and the rest is history!

What is Shadow’s personality like?

Shadow is very grateful that she’s finally been adopted.

This the first time in her life she can eat as much as her heart desires, so she’s particularly enthusiastic about food and treats.

She put on some much needed weight in her first year of having a home.

Shadow loves to bat around a foam sparkle ball when she’s in a playful mood.

She loves to sleep on one particular sofa cushion, and she also sleeps at the foot of the bed next to my feet every night.

When feeling affectionate, Shadow comes and sits in front of me, reaching out a paw to touch my face, indicating her desire to be petted and spoken to sweetly.

She likes to sit at my sliding glass door and look at the birds outside.

Growing The Family

I discovered a year ago that black cats (and dogs) have more difficulty getting adopted.

Once I learned this, I vowed to adopt only black pets from now on.

Six months after adopting Shadow, I returned to LAPP and adopted another black cat named Miss Squeaks due to her tiny mew.

Squeaks is two years old and full of energy.

It’s been good for Shadow to have a companion she can be active with.

Shadow likes to play with Miss Squeaks, but she reaches her limit faster than her sister.

She is quick to let Miss Squeaks know when she’s had enough.

They respect each other’s boundaries and get along splendidly for the most part.

How has Shadow made a difference in your life?

I was in the middle of a divorce when I adopted Shadow.

She has been integral in healing my heart.

I rediscovered the joy of coming home at night after work.

Snuggling with her on the couch brings me so much peace.

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