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Sick Cat Suffered On Streets Until Rescued By Woman Who Saw His True Beauty

Sick Cat Suffered On Streets Until Rescued By Woman Who Saw His True Beauty

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At the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota, a 6-year-old tabby was rescued and placed in a shelter after having lived a rough life on the streets. 

It was clear this orange tabby boy had lived an awful life and was ready for some unconditional love.

Keep reading to discover this sweet angel’s incredible rescue journey.

The Saddest Tabby

When this cat was discovered, was covered in scars, his teeth had been chipped, and his left eye had an injury that had recently healed. 

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

He also tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which is commonly passed from cat to cat, usually through aggressive fighting and territorial disputes.

Despite having gone through so much, he was so sweet and full of love.

He would sink into the arms of anyone who would give him attention and purr with gratitude when he was cuddled.

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

It’s Bruce Willis!

The volunteers from the rescue named him Bruce Willis and began to search for a home he had always deserved.

Rescuers adored Bruce Willis. His sweet face and affectionate eyes made everyone fall in love with him.

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

As visitors of the shelter stopped in, Bruce would immediately start purring, hoping this would be the day he would have a forever family. 

The visitors loved him. He was showered with love and attention, but no one was serious about making him a part of their family.

Despite Bruce’s optimism, he was overlooked.

Time after time, visitors would go home with another cat instead of the sweet orange tabby. 

A Kind Hearted Stranger Arrives

On August 8th, 2019, (International Cat Day) a woman named Sandra was scrolling through the Facebook page of the rescue and came across Bruce’s story. 

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

When Sandra saw his picture, it touched a special place in her heart.

Even though Sandra’s building owner had a “no pets” policy, she went to visit Bruce at the rescue anyway. 

As she approached Bruce in his kennel, she was overwhelmed by his charm and longing gaze.

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

Sandra returned home that day, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Bruce.

She hoped a loving family would see what she saw in Bruce and give him the home that he deserved.

Every day after her initial visit, she checked for updates on Bruce through the rescue’s website.

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A Newfound Friend

She discovered Bruce was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and decided to pay him a visit.

Soon she was visiting him on a regular basis. 

A month had passed, and Bruce was still waiting for his forever home. Sandra took it as a sign and knew what she had to do next. 

She made a plea to her landlord along with a picture of Bruce and was granted permission to adopt him!

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

Finally, A Forever Home

Bruce was finally home!

He plopped down on the floor of his new home, stretched out his paws and started purring with delight.

Sandra said, “He didn’t stop purring all night. Since that day, he’s been following me around no matter where I go.”

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

Bruce needed time to adjust to his new life.

After a few days of getting used to his new environment and overcoming his instinct to fight for food, he was happy.

A New Life

He darts for couch cuddles as soon as Sandra sits down. He purrs up a storm to show his appreciation and love for his human companion.

Bruce lived through a rough 6 years, but he still had so much love to give. Thank goodness rescuers saved him and introduced him to Sandra. 

Bruce is now living his best life in a warm home with a kind human who loves and protects him. 

Courtesy of Mr. Willis the Cat

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Sandra J Walker

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

Stories like this one always gives me hope for all cats. He is a beautiful boy. Thank you for giving him a second chance.

Debbie Tuttle

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

He is such a beautiful cat. I noticed that when I saw him. Sandra I'm very happy. Many years of love for u and Bruise Willis. God Bless U.

Toni Bayless

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Awwww I LOVE this story and this kitty.THANK YOU,for giving him the love and home that he deserves.????


Tuesday 31st of December 2019

What a great story.


Tuesday 31st of December 2019

That was beautiful and he definitely deserves a loving, safe home. God Bless his new mommy!!!