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Meet Smokey! She’s an adorable 1-year-old girl from Texas with a sense of adventure.

The way she appeared was fate. It’s as if she landed right where she belonged.

Her mom, Theresa, tells us all about her in the story below.

The Bittersweet Beginning

I adopted smokey when she was 3 months old.

A neighbor had her and couldn’t keep her because the dog didn’t like her and was trying to attack her.

I already had one cat and my oldest cat had just passed away.

So a new kitten was perfect therapy for me. I jumped at the chance to adopt her.

She was tiny and skinny now she’s round and plump!

She gets along so well with my little boy, Sucks. They play together all day long!

I named her Smokey because of her fur color.

When she was little she had beautiful grayish blue eyes and gray fur coloring with black stripes and dots.

She is part bengle and part tabby.

What is Smokey’s personality like?

Smokey is a very silly little girl.

She loves to run and play and chase her brother around the house.

She is very loving and very affectionate.

When I had my surgery, she laid in bed with me everyday all day purring and making biscuits against my arm.

Sometimes she falls asleep against my arm.

She always has to be either on my left or some part of her touching me.

She is very lovable.

What does Smokey like to do for fun?

Smokey loves water and to lie in the sink or the bathtub.

Every time I run water she’s right there under the faucet.

She loves paper and loves to bat it around the house.

She enjoys all of her catnip toys.

Smokey loves temptations treats beef, catnip, chicken, and salmon flavors.

She is on Iams dry adult hairball cat food. Both my cats love this food.

Her favorite thing to do is to go under the covers and snuggle with me.

She sleeps with me every night all night long.

She is definitely my life kitty!

Happily Ever After

Smokey came into my life when I needed her the most.

My older cat had just passed away a few months before and my husband passed away one month after losing my oldest Kitty.

So bringing her into my life was a blessing.

She’s gotten me through some of the toughest days in my life.

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Sharing is caring!

Suzanne Roussel

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

So adorable 💕 and sweet precious baby 💘 you are so lucky to have found her God bless you and Smokey.

denise brown

Thursday 16th of September 2021

I lost my 18 month old kitty she ran out the door and was ran over by a car the driver took us to the vet but Gemini had lost too much blood and couldn't b saved I had her creamated and she on my bedside table I will adopt again when the chance presenta its self

Cooky Silverman

Thursday 2nd of September 2021

Sophie is a very sweet kitty who loves to sleep leaning up against me. She likes to be touching. Our dog, Lola, sleeps with us too. The bed is full.


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

As I was reading the story of Smokey I had to cry a little when I read where she sleeps with her mom all night long, and under the covers, etc.... reminded me so much of my own little soulmate that passed away last April. My Jesse used to sleep with me all night and under the covers if it was cold enough, so sweet. I can't think of much of anything sweeter than upon awakening in the morning, the first thing you see is the sweetest little face that you love more than just about anything in the world.

Amy Price

Wednesday 1st of September 2021

My last kitty was named Smokey, too. She got that name because when we 1st got her she meowed with such a hoarse voice that she sounded like a life-long smoker. She was 3 months old and just the prettiest little thing. Just as soon as our slightly older cat met her he started loving up on her. They were bff's. We'd heard that cats are very territorial but my 2 preferred to hang together. They're both gone now but I have several pix of the 2 of them together, of course.