20 Hilarious Cartoons That Explain Your Cat Purrfectly

20 Hilarious Cartoons That Explain Your Cat Purrfectly

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Life with cats isn’t boring to say the least! They keep us on our feet and never fail to surprise us. I’ve searched the Internet far and wide to find comics that explain our relationship with our cats perfectly.

Let’s be honest – this is their world and we’re just living in it!

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1. Nothing like your cat’s special way of saying good morning!

2. Ever wonder why your cat stares at…well, nothing? You’re not alone.

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3. Next time you see a roll of destroyed toilet paper, take a moment to appreciate all the hard work your cat put it!

4. Feeling productive? Your cat thinks otherwise.

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5. They’re adventurous when it comes to trying new food/destroying your plants!

6.  Don’t expect to get much paperwork done around your cat. But they’re the cutest distraction!

7. Don’t forget about toilet water!

8. Isn’t it crazy how they can’t get enough food?

10. They’re very reliable.

11. Taking your cat on a “walk”. More like taking them for a “sit”.

12. You didn’t choose your cat. Your cat chose you.

13. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it!

14. A cat smells wet food better than a shark smells a drop of 10 miles away.

15. Somebody’s gotta keep the shadow creatures company!

16. “In ancient times, cats were worshipped as Gods. They have not forgotten this.” -Terry Pratchett

17. In case there was any confusion, they definitely heard you.

18. And somehow they always know when you’re about to go to the vet.

19. We treat them like royalty because they are royalty!

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20. Who’s really in control?

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4 Replies to “20 Hilarious Cartoons That Explain Your Cat Purrfectly”

  1. I have had 50 homeless kittys live with me and my late husband. He let me get an extra job to get them fixed. This was over the 30 years we were married. I loved all the cartoons! Especially the last one!!!

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