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10 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

10 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

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Contrary to popular belief, cats are very loving and affectionate companions. But we might not always recognize when our cats are being affectionate.

Unlike humans and dogs, cats have their own ways of showing love! It’s up to us cat lovers to pay special attention to when our cats are saying “I love you!”.

There are 9 signs that your cat absolutely LOVES you. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Head Bunting

You know when your cat repeatedly bumps you on the leg with his/her head? This action is called “head bunting”. 

By rubbing their head against you, your cat is actually marking you with their scent and sending a message to other cats that you are already taken!

Cats also tend to head bunt when they want to be pet or given attention. If your cat head bunts you, it’s a sign of deep love and trust!

2. Butt Shots 

For cats, showing their backside or butt to their owners is a demonstration of trust. In the wild, cats developed to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Turning their back to another animal or cat made them extremely vulnerable to attack. In cat language, showing you their bum is a nice way of saying “I think you’re nice and I trust you!”

3. Purring

Purring is the classic sign of love. It is usually paired with chin rubs and petting. Sometimes cats purr just from being close to you! It is actually a huge mystery how cats purr.  

Cats are full of secrets! For the most part, cats purr when they are content and happy. But be careful – cats also purr when they are injured. Pay attention to your kitty and make sure they are purring in the right context.

4. Eye Kisses 

Cat eyes are very expressive. A frightened cat’s pupils will enlarge and their eyes will open wide while a relaxed and happy cat often looks sleepy.

When your cat looks at you with its eyes half open and blinks slowly, it’s feeling extra happy and relaxed!

It’s a sign that your cat trusts you. These slow blinks can be thought of as kitty kisses!

5. Kneading

I’m sure you’ve noticed some cats like to push their paws against you back and forth. This is called kneading! This is instinct left over from kittenhood.

When a kitten nurses, they knead the area around their mother’s belly to generate easier milk flow.

Kneading means your cat is settling down and comfortable in your company!

However, when cats do this it can be very painful– especially when claws are involved.

To ease the pain of “love kneading” put a thick soft pillow between your body and your cat.

6. Sleeping with You 

If your cat enjoys sleeping next to you at night, it is a great sign of trust! This means they rely on you for protection from other creatures at night.

Realistically, there are no harmful creatures lurking around your house at night, but cats still have this instinct.

There is another theory that cats like to sleep with their owners at night to actually protect their owners from harmful creatures! Either way, we know sleeping with you at night is a sign of love.

7. Following You 

Sometimes cats get really excited in your presence. But they have an interesting way of showing it.

Your cat might follow you from room to room just to stay in your company. This is a beautiful demonstration of love! They simply love being near you.

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8. Love Bites 

Sometimes your cat will show you their love with something called a love bite. Love bites don’t usually break the skin and are gentle.

It’s normal for your kitty to give you a light nibble on the ankle to remind you that it’s mealtime or gently bite your hand when he/she wants to be pet.

9. Bringing Presents

We have all had this happen to us, especially if your cat goes outside. It’s early in the morning, and you’re opening your front door to grab the mail and then you see it – a dead rat, mole, or bird.

When you look over to your, he/she looks as content as ever! In reality, cats enjoy sharing their deceased prey with those they love– this is a great honor for a cat owner.

While this seems out of the ordinary, they wouldn’t do this for those they didn’t love and this is natural love language behavior for our adorable feline predators.

10. Tail Twitching

You learn a lot about a cat’s emotional state from how it twitches its tail. If a cat’s tail swishes quickly back and forth, this is usually a sign of aggression or irritation.

But if a cat’s tail swishes back and forth softly and slowly, this usually means they’re content. It’s common for cats to swish their tails when they’re being pet in their favorite spot!

Each cat is unique and has their own special way of showing love. Cats that were adopted at an early age will be more likely to show the “traditional” signs of love discussed above.

Meanwhile, feral cats or cats that were adopted at older age will be more skittish and hesitant around humans.

This doesn’t mean they don’t love you – it simply means they show love in another way. Remember, you don’t own a cat. A cat owns you!

How does your cat show you love? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

My niece’s cat who goes by the name of KiKi MeowMeow is a very sweet cat. She loves to be petted and has a kittenish type meow. She absolutely loves belly rubs and she loves it when I come visit. She purrs like a maniac when she’s happy. When she kneads on me or grooms me, it warms my heart. She’ll even hug me. She’s certainly a ‘daddy’s girl’

Linda Elaine Norway

Monday 27th of July 2020

My cat does all of the above except sharing. Even though she's an indoor/outdoor cat, she has learned to leave birds alone because we have 2 parrots. I loved the mention of butt shots. When I let her in from outside, I am always greeted with what I call a butt WAVE! Love my feline baby, a feral rescue, now aged 10.


Tuesday 31st of December 2019

Max likes to lay against me when I am sitting in my lounge chair. At night, he hops up on the bed for a few head scratches, then settles down against my knees where he sleeps all night.

Linda Wheeler

Tuesday 31st of December 2019

My cat, Toyota spent 3yrs in a no kill shelter. She was an older cat when I adopted her. Ivr had her 5yrs and she has gradually become a most affectionate furbaby. I just gave her time and love and she gradually warmed up to me. Now she is a lap cat and sleeps with me.

Marcia Calabro

Monday 30th of December 2019

My 2 do all of the above..I especially love the " love bites" at 2:30 in the morning on my head, followed by pulling my hair..lol