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5 Reasons Cat Owners Live Longer

5 Reasons Cat Owners Live Longer

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Every cat owner will tell you how wonderful it is to have a cat in their life, but many of them don’t know their cats actually help them live longer!

Science now claims cats can do more than just be a great pet.

Cats offer so many health benefits to their owners in addition to being loving, sweet, and adorable.

Keep reading to find out more!

1. Cats reduce the risk of hearth attack and stroke.

A neurologist named Adnan Qureshi of the University of Minnesota Stroke Institute conducted a 20 year study that found that cat owners were much less likely to die of heart attack and stroke than people who did not own cats.

Non-cat owners were 40% more likely to die from heart attack than cat owners.

The same group of cat owners was also 30%  more likely to die of another cardiovascular disease than people who owned cats.

What does this say? It’s very possible that owning a cat can reduce stress that eventually leads to heart problems!

2. Cats reduce stress.

Cats comfort you when you’re sick, sad, or stressed. Imagine having a long day at work and then coming home to your sweet fur baby greeting you with love!

It’s instant stress relief. Research suggests that owning a cat can reduce the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) released in your body.

As mentioned before, long-term stress in humans is very dangerous and can lead to serious health complications.

Take your healthy seriously and reduce stress by loving on your cat!

3. Cats are healthy for your heart.

Our cats warm our hearts, but they also protect them! A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia found that cat owners have lower blood pressure, trigylceride levels, and cholesterol.

All these factors combined result in a healthy heart. A healthy heart means a longer life! That means having a cat could cut your risk of heart attack by 1/3.

Cat owners have also been known to recover faster after surgery than non-cat owners.

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4. Cats give our lives more meaning!

It’s been documented that people with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or migraines are more motivated to get up and move when they are responsible for a cat.

Their cat gives them a reason to have a meaningful day because their kitties depend on them.

Even senior centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities find that cat owners are much happier and motivated.

Cats offer a special kind of love that goes unmatched!

5. Purring…has healing powers?

Hearing your cat purr is very rewarding because it usually means your kitty is content.

But what if purring had therapeutic effects for you too? The vibrations occur between a 20 to 140 hz range. This range of vibrations has been known to be medically therapeutic and lower stress.

This sound has also been linked to lowered blood pressure and reduced inflammation.

Interestingly enough, vibration frequencies of 25 hz and 50 hz are the best for promoting bone strength!

They’re also great for helping heal injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Below is a fun infographic that designer Genna Busquets has created illustrating all the potential benefits of purring!

Pets keep us healthy!

This is true for both cats and dogs. Pet owners are healthier than non-pet owners overall.

Research shows that pet owners visit the doctor less because they have stronger immune systems.

Low stress, laugher, and companionship are great immunity boosters. The happiness a pet can bring into one’s life is underrated – pets save lives!

Don’t have a cat? Time to reconsider!

If you don’t have a cat and would like one, visit your local animal shelter or humane society to adopt a cat.

Each year, 1.4 million shelter cats are euthanized because no one will adopt them.

Before you consider buying an expensive or fancy breed of cat, think about all the cats that lose their lives from being neglected.

There’s a wonderful cat in a shelter near you waiting to give you plenty of love!

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Thursday 15th of July 2021

My cat Selena is a rescue and she is a great companion and I love her very much much

Mary Myer

Sunday 25th of April 2021

Great information. I have a rescued Maine Coon and she has helped me heal from covid.

kem paxton

Thursday 1st of April 2021

I have a rescue cat! Her name tag said lovebug but when I got to the counter they told me they all called her the psycho cat because she would let you pet her and then bite you! I said oh she will fit right in! She does not bite me but anyone else I worn! I love her so much she has helped me get through 3 family deaths in a four month time frame my 22 year old son being the last.


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

I have four shelter cats and I wouldn't trade them for anything. If I have a bad day at work I come home and they are waiting for me they make me laugh and I forget about my bad day.


Monday 26th of October 2020

Whenever we let my cat out of his cage in the morning, he's been love starved al night and so he purrs for a few minutes non-stop! Whenever im sad or scared i pick up my cat and squeeze him. I feel better instantly and stop crying.


Friday 21st of May 2021

Why is he in a cage at night. I have 3 rescues and none have been put in cages. I don’t understand this.