4 Reasons Your Cat Needs Insurance

4 Reasons Your Cat Needs Insurance

Each of us would like to think our cat will die of old age after a long and happy life, but that’s not the often the case. Accidents happen – cats choke on things, eat poisonous food, or get sick.

You don’t want to be in a position where your cat needs medical help, but you can’t afford it. Cat owners need to be prepared! Many people don’t know the best way to ensure your cat lives a long, healthy life is to get them pet insurance. The good news is that it’s much cheaper than human health insurance.

Outdoor cats are naturally more accident prone, but indoor cats can have serious accidents and health problems as well. Below, I’ve listed 4 reasons you need to be prepared and get your cat pet insurance.

1. Cats Hide Symptoms

Can’t can’t tell us they’re in pain. They’re also not self-aware enough to notice changes in their body. Cats might hide many of the symptoms for serious diseases or complications. This leaves you thinking everything is normal. It is only when something very bad happens that you notice your cat needs medical attention.

By the time you’re aware something is wrong with your cat, the cost of fixing it could be thousands of dollars. By getting pet insurance for your cat, you can rest easy knowing that the vet bills won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

2. Old Age

A common misconception is that cats die of old age. Cats rarely die from just being “old”. They die from diseases and health complications that come with getting older, like kidney failure or cancer.

It’s almost inevitable that cats will develop some kind of chronic condition when they get older. Many of these diseases are curable or at least manageable, but the medical treatment is expensive. Pet insurance offers a solution to that.

Right now, most pet owners have to choose “forced euthanasia” when they can’t afford their cat’s medical bills. “Forced euthanasia” is having to choose euthanasia over medical treatment because the medical bills are too expensive. This is absolutely horrible. No cat owner should have to go through this. At a low monthly cost, pet insurance can extend your cats life for years.

3. Accidents

Cat are naturally very curious creatures. They have a tendency to eat things they’re not supposed to. This makes cats extremely susceptible to choking or poisoning. This can lead to a costly emergency vet visit. Your cat might even need surgery, x-rays, or medicine. Pet insurance takes away the stress of affording these accidents.

4. Vet Bills are Expensive

Veterinary treatments are amazing these days. Technological advancements have made it possible to help animals survive what was once impossible. They can do anything from open heart surgery to cancer treatment – it’s very expensive.

A recent survey from the Associated Press found that 41% of pet owners worry that they might not be able to afford their pet’s medical bills.

Is pet insurance worth it? 

So is pet insurance worth it? In my opinion, yes. I’ve witnessed so many cat owners have to let their babies go because they couldn’t afford the procedure or medical treatment needed to save their cat’s lives. Personally, I can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

What’s the best pet insurance? 

There are plenty of pet insurance companies, but I personally use Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for both of my cats. I found that the monthly reasonable is  reasonable and they cover almost everything.

Like all other pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws does not cover preventative care (checkups and vaccinations) or pre-existing conditions. They do, however, cover almost anything else imaginable. It’s easy to file a claim and the reimbursement process is speedy.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase pet insurance is up to you. Cats are family and they should be treated that way. They depend entirely on their owners to keep them safe and healthy.

If you know you can’t afford your cat’s medical bills in the event of an accident, consider Healthy Paws pet insurance. It’s worth the peace of mind.

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Shadi is the founder of National Kitty. She is a strong advocate of rescue cat adoption. She enjoys spending time with her two cats, Moosh and Oliver.

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6 Replies to “4 Reasons Your Cat Needs Insurance”

  1. This is a very good thing to think about getting ! I think I’m going to have to wait though because right now I can’t afford it. In the future I believe I will check into this more. Thank you Shadi for making us aware of this ! I’m sure it will help many people ..

  2. I have a question about the insurance. If my cat was sick and had to (God forbid), put him down, would the insurance cover that?

    1. Hi Dorothy!

      First of all, I hope you never have to be faced with that decision. I hope your fur baby lives a long and healthy life! But to answer your question, Healthy Paws covers euthanasia when it is medically necessary. I hope that helps!


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