Crying Kitten Thrown Out of Car Begs Pedestrian to Save Him

Crying Kitten Thrown Out of Car Begs Pedestrian to Save Him

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In May of 2017, an Arkansas woman was taking a walk when she heard a tiny cry in the distance.

At first, she thought it was a bird.

But when she found the source of the crying, it was far worse than she imagined…

A Shocking Discovery

Shadi Delshad was taking a walk down a nature trail when she heard a distressed cry.

She soon realized those tiny cries of desperation were from an injured kitten taking shelter under a tree.

She approached the kitten carefully.

He didn’t panic, try to run away, or run up to her. That’s when she knew he was seriously injured.

Rushing to the Rescue

The skin from his jaw had been peeled off, leaving his mouth bloody and bare.

His right paw was limp, but his left paw clung desperately to Shadi’s shirt.

Shadi rushed home with the kitten and cleaned off its wounds.

He was so exhausted that he denied food and water.

He used his last bit of energy to crawl into her lap and fall asleep.

At first, she didn’t think he was going to make it. All she could do was cry because she thought she was too late.

But after 8 hours of sleep, the kitten finally woke up!

Little by little, he started eating wet food and drinking water.

Shadi gave him the name she had always planned on giving her first kitten: Moosh!

By the next morning, Moosh was ready to go see the vet.

The Sad Truth Revealed

The vet examined Moosh thoroughly and delivered disturbing news.

He said that judging from the type of injuries the kitten suffered, he had been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

“The biggest clue we had was his mouth injury. When a kitten is thrown out of a car, they land head first on pavement,” Shadi explained. “That’s why the skin on his mouth was ripped off.”

With Moosh estimated to be only 5-6 weeks old, it’s a miracle he didn’t die on the spot.

His limp was because of nerve damage to his right paw and the doctor was unsure if it would ever heal.

In fact, it might even get amputated if he continued to drag it and form painful sores.

But there was still hope!

He referred Shadi to a veterinary neurosurgeon in a neighboring town.

As for his mouth, the skin from his jaw had been degloved, meaning the skin had detached from the muscle.

The exposed tissue on his mouth was like a bare wound that would never scab over.

He would suffer when something made contact with his bare wound. This made simple tasks like eating and drinking a painful experience.

To make matters worse, the bare wound made him very susceptible to infection.

Here is a video of Moosh limping before his surgery.

He has such a sweet meow!

The Road To Recovery

Shadi immediately made an appointment with the veterinary neurologist. There was a 50/50 chance his leg would regain function.

All they could do was put his leg in a cast and hope for the best.

The cast was positioned in such a way that he would learn to put his weight on his leg instead of dragging it and creating sores that would require amputation.

There was some good news! His mouth could make a full recovery if he had surgery.

Shadi agreed to the surgery and Moosh was on the path to being a healthier, happier kitten.

During the surgery, the skin from the bottom portion of his jaw was stretched up to his gum line and stitched on.

The surgery was a success!

Moosh seemed to feel better immediately.

Even though he would need to wear stitches for a few months, he was so happy he could finally eat and drink without feeling pain!

Moosh: The Mouse Cat

Shadi decided to name him Moosh which means “mouse” in Persian, her native language.

Moosh’s name was inspired by one of Shadi’s favorite childhood books.

The story was about a little boy who wanted a dog, but ended up with a kitten.

The boy in the story named his kitten “dog” and grew to love him very much.

Instead of getting a dog, his parents ended up getting him a kitten which he named “dog” and grew to love very much.

Instead of naming her cat “dog”, she named him “mouse” in another language!

“He is my little mouse. He’s got mouse-like features and is very skittish. Moosh is just a cute, silly name,” Shadi shares.

Cast Removal Day

Moosh’s leg never healed.

He still has a limp when he walks, but at least he doesn’t drag his leg behind him anymore.

Shadi is very grateful he didn’t have to have it amputated.

It was a long road to recovery but he’s a happy and healthy kitty now!

He enjoys his days lounging in front of the window and enjoying the sunshine.

Moosh’s Happy Ending

Moosh brings Shadi so much joy and has become a member of a family.

Moosh is now three years old and living his best life with Shadi.

After Moosh was adopted, Shadi adopted two more cats: Oliver and Toby.

They are all best friends and enjoy playing, taking naps, and hopping in and out of boxes.

Moosh is still very timid. He’s scared of strangers and has a hard time warming up to people.

Shadi said, “I think he suffers from anxiety from his incident. Sometimes he will roam the house at night crying and won’t stop until I pick him up and hold him.”

Moosh has bonded very strongly with Shadi and loves being in her company.

Moosh is very attached to his brothers. He doesn’t let his disability get in the way of play time!

Now Moosh can rest easy knowing no one will ever hurt him again. He lived happily ever after!

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18 Replies to “Crying Kitten Thrown Out of Car Begs Pedestrian to Save Him”

  1. What a beautiful story!! Sad and scary beginning but thank god for good souls who rescue!!
    Thank you for taking in this tiny soul and giving him the chance he deserved!! Bless you both!♥️🙂♥️🙂♥️🙂

  2. Beautiful story. Thanks for saving him and giving him a new life.🙏🙏💕💕🙌🙌🐱🐱

  3. Thank you for being an angel on Earth to this precious cat and for not ignoring his cries as so many people did. There is a place in heaven for people like you. Thank you so much.

  4. My gosh, thank this women so so much for not ignoring this babies cries. Also can other people hear mooches cries and not stop to aid this baby. May mooch, tiger and owner have a joyful life.

  5. glad someone saved the baby blessed be I hate harm being done to animals cause they most of them cant fight back and if they do they get dumped somewhere

  6. That is a great story! I also rescued a cat that had been hit by a car. I took him to a vet & they had to remove one leg & part of his tail. The other leg was in a cast! I couldn’t keep him so the vets office adopted him. He lived there happily until a fire broke out & he was lost! It was a tragedy all the animals that were lost! My heart was broken & still is when I think about it!
    I’m so happy for Moosh!

  7. Shadi, thank you for saving Moosh & starting National Kitty. I get tears when I read about people turning their backs on anything in need. God bless you for being the loving person that you are.

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