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Save Animals by Having Your Ex’s Name Written on A Bag of Dog or Cat Poop

Save Animals by Having Your Ex’s Name Written on A Bag of Dog or Cat Poop

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Valentine’s day can get a little lonely when you’re single.

Even if you’re not, you probably have an ex you may be reminded of that you’d like to give a few choice words.

Skip the drama, but gain some satisfaction by letting this animal advocacy site drag your ex’s (written) name through the mud…or poop!

Tail Talez has partnered with three animal rescue organizations for a very special Valentine’s Day Fundraiser.

For a $5 donation, they’ll write your ex’s name on a bag of dog or cat poop and email you picture of it.

It’s not petty if it’s for a great cause!

“We won’t send your ex the picture,” said Josh Wharton, co-founder of Tail Talez. “Though what you do with it is up to you.”

All donations benefit 3 rescues: Community Cats Global, East Tennessee Alliance for Animals, and Biscuit’s Legacy.

“We’ve worked closely with these rescues,” said Wharton. “These organizations operate with honesty and integrity.”

All of the rescues are volunteer based, relying on the donations of kind hearted individuals to help them continue their life-saving missions.

According to Wharton, this is a wonderful opportunity to generate donations for smaller rescues with less visibility.

The three rescue groups are volunteer based, working with limited resources and tight budgets.

They take on some of the most challenging rescue cases, often dipping into their open pockets to provide medical care and supplies for the animals.

Ready to donate? Click the button below to view the fundraiser.

Want to make a donation but don’t want a picture of your ex’s name on a bag of dog/cat poop? No problem!

“Putting an ex’s name on a bag of pet poop is really just to draw attention to animal welfare by making people laugh,” said Wharton.

Tail Talez encourages people to donate to the rescues even if they don’t want a picture in return.

“The picture is just for fun. It’s not the important part” said Wharton. “You can donate and opt out of getting a picture.”

Who Your Donations Benefit

Community Cats Global is a 501(c)3 feline rescue nonprofit led by two women in Central Arkansas.

They’re known for rescuing and rehabilitating critically injured cats and kittens that would otherwise be euthanized or suffer a horrible fate.

The list doesn’t stop there: they also provide care to special needs cats, senior cats, hospice cats, and neonatal kittens.

Biscuit’s Legacy is a volunteer-based animal cruelty investigation network that also serves as an emergency rescue for animals who’ve suffered from abuse and neglect.

“We strive to educate, fight for animal laws, and facilitate the rescue of animals in critical care,” said Maggie Bradley, founder of Biscuit’s Legacy.

In addition to animal welfare advocacy, Biscuit’s Legacy offers a pet food pantry for individuals who demonstrate financial need.

East Tennessee Alliance for Animals (ETAA) is a small 501(c)3 nonprofit cat and dog rescue in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

ETAA goes beyond rehabilitating and rehoming animals to help educate their community about the importance of spay & neuter, thereby decreasing overpopulation and euthanasia rates in shelters.

ETAA also serves as a “stop-gap” to shelters.

If a pet owner is faced with surrendering a pet due to death, divorce, loss of income, or any life-changing circumstance that forces pet to be surrendered, ETAA assists the owner with re-homing or helping with resources on a short term basis so the pet may stay with its family.

Click here to donate!

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