Backpacker Scoops Up Dumped Kitten & Travels World with Her on Bicycle

Backpacker Scoops Up Dumped Kitten & Travels World with Her on Bicycle

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“One bike, one cat and a whole world to explore!!” 

That’s the tagline on Dean Nicholson’s Instagram account, a beautiful summary of his surprise adoption of a Bosnian kitten during his worldwide travel tour.


New Beginnings

Originally from Dunbar, Scotland, Dean decided to give up his job as a welder and travel the world. 

In December of 2018, he received an early Christmas present: a stray kitten that he formed an instant bond with. 

“So just as I was coming up to the Montenegro border I heard this little gem meowing her heart out, chasing me trying to get my attention,” Dean said. “We were about 12 miles from the nearest town so it was obvious someone had dumped her.”


Off we go!

One trip to the vet, border papers, and a cat biking basket later, the newly-named Nala joined Dean on his travels.

Nala even has her very own passport!

Since then, they’ve spent the last two years touring over 20 different countries. 

Albania, Greece, Turkey, Istanbul, Bulgaria, and Austria are just a few places they’ve visited together.


Nala has joined Dean hostel-hopping, camping, kayaking, woodworking, and more.

With everything that Dean does, Nala is always by his side.

They’ve even created a calendar together and donated the proceeds to charity.


Together Forever

Nala has left a permanent mark on Dean’s heart— and his arm! 

Dean even had Nala’s paw prints tattooed on his forearm.

“Never in a million years did I think travelling with a cat would be this easy, she takes this whole traveling with ease and every day she puts a smile on my face as she has such a character about her!” Dean said.


Generous Journeys

Between all the fun of learning about new people and cultures, Dean and Nala like to give back to each community they visit. 

It’s not unusual for them to spend their days picking up litter or volunteering at local animal shelters. 


“If I can urge anyone to take notice about anything it would be the footprint we are leaving on this world,” he said.

A huge part of Dean and Nala’s mission is to give animals in need a second chance, just as Dean did for Nala.

They arrangements for vet visits and adoptions for other stray animals they find along the way.

They make a wonderful team!


Overcoming Obstacles

There are some logistical problems, but Dean and Nala tackle them together. 

Dean’s Instagram chronicles their attempts to figure out bathroom breaks, meals, vet visits, and playtime while on the road. 


But the greatest obstacle they face is picking out her clothes for the day, which range from harnesses, life vests, and snow jackets.

It all depends on the weather and their adventure for the day.


The latest step in their journey is sharing a book about their experiences, Nala’s World: One man, his rescue cat and a bike ride around the globe. 

“Absolutely over the moon to tell you guys mine and Nala’s story has been turned into a book,” he said.

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Dean and Nala share a beautiful life together. Nala went from a sickly stray kitten to a world traveling star!

Their special bond and heroic mission has inspired people across the globe to be the change they want to see in the world.

If you’d like to keep up with Dean and Nala’s newest adventures, follow them on Instagram!

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  1. This story thrills my heart I was having a bad day and now it has turned around I am so happy Dean found Nala and scooped her up to love her and keep her as his forever precious pet Nala is one special fortunate cat and all the other animals are just as special that they have helped along with their travels Dean deserves a recognition the world over for his wonderful love of animals

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