5-day-old Orphan Kitten Born Unable to Walk, Shelter Staff Make Tiny Splints for Him

5-day-old Orphan Kitten Born Unable to Walk, Shelter Staff Make Tiny Splints for Him

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In July of 2020, shelter staff discovered a 5-day-old orphaned kitten with a birth defect that left him unable to walk.

Knowing they were his only hope, they were determined to get this sweet boy back on his feet.

Keep reading to learn how this heroic shelter staff changed this tiny orphan kitten’s life forever!

An Orphaned Angel

Most shelter staff are used to taking on tough cases and doing whatever it takes to rehabilitate animals. 

So when a domestic shorthair kitten arrived on the doorstep of the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), they were prepared.

Zion was only five days old, orphaned with the rest of his litter and completely dependent on caretakers. 

In addition to needing round-the-clock care in AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU to survive without his mother, he was badly knuckling on his back feet and unable to use his legs normally. 

Credit: Arizona Humane Society

Helpful Heroes

AHS serves as a “safety net” for at-risk and vulnerable animals and has saved over 100,000 animals in the last six years, according to their website. 

An ethical no-kill philosophy, justice for abused animals, and promoting the human-animal bond are just a few of their values.

So if anyone could help this kitten walk again, it was the staff at AHS!

Equipped with live-saving programs like the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, “Mutternity” Suites, Kitten Nursery, Bottle Baby Kitten ICU, and Parvo Puppy ICU, the staff buckled down and got to work.

Credit: Arizona Humane Society

Tiny but Mighty

Zion especially tugged at the staff’s heartstrings who were determined to try and help him walk again. 

It took some serious brainstorming and creative trial and error, but soon they had a solution: tongue depressor splints! 

Along with some gauze, medical wrap bandages, and tape, Zion soon had his own pint-sized splints.

After a week of intensive work, lots of care, and even more love, Zion was finally able to walk on his own! 

Once staff were sure he was stable, he joined his littermates in a local foster home. 

Credit: Arizona Humane Society

Happily Ever After

According to AHS, Zion is the perfect example of “what a second chance at life truly means.” 

He continues healing at the foster home and waits for his adoption day, when he can finally meet his forever family. 

But until that day, he’s in good and loving hands. “He plays with his kitten and human siblings and will even fall asleep in his foster sister’s arms while helping her improve her reading skills,” the foster family gushed.

Zion and his littermates are just a few of over 1,300 orphaned kittens that AHS has rescued in this year alone. 

His success story proves that any kitten can be saved with a little creativity and a lot of love!

Credit: Arizona Humane Society

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10 Replies to “5-day-old Orphan Kitten Born Unable to Walk, Shelter Staff Make Tiny Splints for Him”

  1. That is so sweet. I am glad this kitten is doing well. I hope he finds a forever home. God bless you who took him for your family.

  2. I am glad that they helped this little kitten. I brought in 6 day old kittens rejected by Mom and after paying Az. Humane Society $75.00 to foster the kittens they euthanized all of them.

  3. That is such a heath warming story thank you for saving him sweet and adorable little ❤ baby thank you for sharing your story ❤ you are all angels for saving them God bless all of you

  4. I bet this little guy grows into one super gorgeous adult cat. It looks like he is all white and nothing else, if that’s the case, might he be deaf? A cat person once told me that an all white cat is usually deaf, especially if they have blue eyes…. any of that true? He is one pretty little baby though, and I normally only like grown cats, but this one stole my heart!

  5. She is so sweet. Hope she finds a home soon. I have 3 disabled cats. I know first hand how special they are.

  6. Thank you from one rescuer to another, I wish people understood that we choose to help these babies, we do this 24/7/365, there are no sick days, or holidays and we don’t get paid. We are their last hope and we fight for better lives of all furries.

  7. Thank you to those that saved this baby and ALL other animals!!! You are all angels !!! I’m disabled and have slot of medical issues, but I absolutely love all animals and would save every single one if I could !!!

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