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Bonded Cats with Tragic Past Cry When They’re Apart, Hope to be Adopted Together

Bonded Cats with Tragic Past Cry When They’re Apart, Hope to be Adopted Together

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Meet Tommy and Mary!

They’re an adorable bonded pair in Sherwood, Arkansas waiting for a forever home.

These two have been through so much together.

All they want for Christmas is a loving family who will open their hearts and homes to the both of them.

Tommy and Mary’s foster mom, Sarah, tells us all about this precious pair in the story below.

A Rough Start

I met Tommy and Mary through the local non-profit cat rescue I help run called Community Cats of Central Arkansas.

Tommy came to us in June after being hit by a car.

He had a full leg and hip amputation as well as a blood transfusion.

His other legs were also injured so his road to recovery was difficult.

He was fearful of other cats because of his condition, but he wanted to play so badly!

Mary came to me shortly after from a local shelter.

She was also injured, but not quite as badly as Tommy was.

Her and Tommy hit it off instantly!

Neither of them get along with other cats, but the two of them became inseparable.

It’s as if they promised each other to never be apart.

They have been a bonded pair of best friends ever since.

What are Tommy and Mary’s personalities like?

Tommy and Mary are both super playful!

They love their cat towers, scratching boards, and taking long naps on our bed.

Both of them love to perch on the windowsill and watch birds together.

After a long day of playing and enjoying tasty treats, they curl up together for a well earned nap.

It makes me so happy to see them enjoying their lives after everything they went through.

Mary entered Tommy’s life when he needed a friend the most.

They provided each other love and support through their recovery journeys and now they share a special bond.

How have Tommy and Mary made a difference in your life?

These two have made a big impact on our rescue organization.

They have taught me a lot about the true strength of a cat.

Tommy was on the verge of death when he was taken to the ER.

Six months have passed and he’s stronger than ever!

He taught me the value of extra time and patience when saving a cat, regardless of their prognosis.

No one thought he’d ever walk again, but daily encouragement and physical therapy changed his life!

Sweet Mary has been by his side comforting him every step of the way. She’s his #1 fan.

In fact, they cry when one of them can’t find the other.

Adopt Tommy & Mary

Tommy and Mary are a bonded pair, which means they must be adopted together.

It’s difficult enough to find someone who wants to adopt a 3-legged cat like Tommy, but it’s been even more difficult finding someone who will adopt both him and Mary.

Tommy has 3 legs, but he doesn’t need any special care!

He can walk around and use the bathroom without any assistance.

Both Tommy and Mary are young and healthy! They’re the same age at about 1.5 years old.

Each of them is spayed/neutered and fully vetted.

Tommy and Mary would do best with a family that has no other pets.

They’re fearful of other animals, but they’re extremely affectionate with people!

This adorable duo would make a special family very happy.

They will put a smile on your face every morning when they greet you in bed.

They will always be there after work ready to play and entertain you.

All they need is someone to give them a chance!

Tommy & Mary are located in Sherwood, Arkansas. Please share their story and help them live happily ever after!

Interested in adopting them? Click here to fill out an adoption application.

Have questions? Click here to message Community Cats of Central AR on Facebook.

Click here to read Tommy’s full story!

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Sheryl Banak

Wednesday 20th of July 2022

Were they adopted together?


Thursday 16th of December 2021

This story was so sweet! (it made my day even better!)


Saturday 11th of December 2021

Thank you for saving these precious kitties,and giving them a loving home .❤️❤️❤️


Saturday 11th of December 2021

I hope they get a great forever home. I would take them but they are to far away, plus I all ready have a 10 year old cat.

David Lindsey Barnard

Saturday 11th of December 2021

If they were in the UK I would love to have the opportunity to meet them and to offer a home - I hope a forever home with a super family take them soon.... What a wonderful pair and Tommys life beggars belief