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Brother Cats Found Holding Each Other on Porch of Family That Abandoned Them

Brother Cats Found Holding Each Other on Porch of Family That Abandoned Them

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A couple in Sherwood, Arkansas was feeding a local colony of feral cats when two new cats mysteriously appeared. 

It was clear these friendly cats had been around humans before, but they were weak and in horrible condition.  

After their discovery, the couple sprung into action.  

Keep reading to discover how these sweet brother cats with a special bond were rescued from a terrible fate! 

Mysterious Guests

Sarah Richardson, a volunteer of Community Cats of Central Arkansas, had been tending to a colony of feral TNR cats in Sherwood, Arkansas for months.

Sarah and her husband were familiar with all of the cats after feeding them every day. 

One day, two cats that they didn’t recognize seemed to appear out of nowhere.  

“We started to feed them, and they appeared to be friendly, not feral,” Sarah shared. “But they were not in good shape.”

Sarah began feeding them, hoping they would return so she could trap them and get them the help they needed. 

Assessing the Damage

Sarah was successful. She was able to trap the cats and take them home where they would be safe and cared for.  

Once home, she named the grey cat with the crumpled ear Angus. The black at was named Midnight. 

Sarah immediately examined them. Her heart broke when she realized how long they had been in pain.

Both Angus and Midnight were severely dehydrated and suffering from parasite infestations.

In fact, they were so dehydrated that they could barely walk.

Midnight was so exhausted and malnourished that she had to physically pick him up to move him.

Sarah was glad she noticed them when she did! They wouldn’t have made it much longer on their own…

Healing Hands

Both brothers bore the signs of a rough life on the streets. Angus had a deformed ear that was hard to the touch. 

Upon examining his ear, the vet concluded the deformity was the result of an injury that never healed properly. 

It was very likely that Angus had been attacked by another animal and developed a hematoma that eventually caused his ear tissue to overgrow and fold inwards. 

Midnight may have looked better at first glance, but he, too, was suffering from a painful injury.

“Midnight had wire hung underneath his tail,” Sarah said. “It was imbedded underneath his tail, so we had to pick the wire out and treat the infection from there.”

Road to Recovery

The brothers began treatment immediately upon being rescue. Sarah’s tireless efforts brought them back from the brink of death.

Sarah gave the cats fluids and continued to ensure they were eating and drinking properly.

They were both treated for parasites, vaccinated, and neutered. 

Angus had an ear infection that cleared after a couple weeks of antibiotics. 

Once these sweet boys were healthy again, they were ready for adoption.

Little did Sarah know, these brothers had a big secret…

A Mystery Solved

Sarah was excited to find a responsible adopter who fell in love with Angus’s quirky ears. 

Sarah’s husband met with the woman in Texas and Angus was brought under her care.

Angus’s new owner noticed he would roam the house crying. 

At first, she thought he just needed to adjust to his new home. 

After a week, she suspected something else was bothering him.

The woman called Sarah and asked if this was normal behavior for Angus. 

Meanwhile, Midnight was also roaming around the house whining and crying. 

He was suddenly acting unusual after Angus’s departure and Sarah quickly put two and two together. 

“When I found out Angus was crying too, I knew what was going on. They missed each other. Angus and Midnight are a bonded pair,” Sarah said.

While the adopter loved Angus, it broke her heart knowing the cats were miserable without each other. 

The woman brought Angus back to Sarah and the brothers were reunited!

A Special Bond

Angus and Midnight’s special bond goes all the way back to their life on the streets. 

Sarah asked the neighbors if they had seen the cats before and discovered that Angus and Midnight had been abandoned at a rental home after the renters moved out.

This was why they were so friendly; they had belonged to someone before.

The neighbors told Sarah they had witnessed Angus and Midnight curled up together on the front porch of the rental house, day and night. 

They never left each other’s sides.

Their family may have left them, but at least they had each other. 

It broke Sarah’s heart knowing someone had left these sweet boys behind to suffer through the cold winter and hot summer, hungry and alone.  

Abandoned and afraid, the brothers were on the brink of death until Sarah and her husband showed up.

Together Forever 

Once Angus and Midnight were reunited, Sarah’s suspicions were confirmed.

They had missed each other all along!

“Now they are together and very happy,” Sarah said. “They are up for adoption as a pair. I don’t care how long it takes; they’re not going anywhere without each other!”

Angus and Midnight are now patiently waiting for a special family who would love to welcome two snuggly brothers into their home.

“They are just sweet as can be,” Sarah said. “Angus is a lap cat. He loves to be petted and held. Midnight is super sweet, and he loves treats. He’s a talker.”

Sarah knows it will be a challenge to find someone who will adopt two adult cats as a pair, but it is well worth the wait. 

These brothers have been through so much together.

They deserve to find a home that will love and cherish their special bond! 

UPDATE: Happily Ever After

The day finally arrived when Angus and Midnight found the perfect family that adopted them as a pair.

Though Angus and Midnight received many applications to be adopted independently, Sarah waited patiently for many months for the right family to come along and adopt them together.

Now they’re living the dream! Angus and Midnight spend their days cuddling and being showered with love and attention from their new forever family.

After all they’ve endured, these sweet boys finally have the life they deserve.

About Our Hero

Sarah Richardson is one of the few people in Arkansas that rescues elderly and adult cats with special needs.

If it wasn’t for Sarah, Angus and Midnight would have gone unnoticed. They would have suffered a terrible fate on the streets.

Sarah is committed to giving a second chance to cats that other rescuers turn down.

Sarah’s rescue missions are entirely self funded, though she relies on donations from kind-hearted individuals in the community.

Click here if you’d like to donate food or supplies directly to Sarah through her Amazon wishlist.

With a small donation, you can help Sarah continue to rescue cats that would otherwise be neglected.

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest rescue cats!

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Sunday 28th of November 2021

Why didn't she just take the other cat? It's no more work to have two cat than one.

Joao Soares

Thursday 25th of November 2021

A great Thank You for having the sensibility and patience to wait for a joint adoption of two poor animals who just couldn't live without each other. These feelings don't show too often in humans.

Dyan Osborne

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Sarah, thank you for all that you do to help cats. This is such a sweet story about Angus and Midnight. I’m so happy they can be together. They deserve it. ??


Monday 7th of June 2021

I am so glad that Agnus and Midnight got adopted together. God bless the family who adopted these cats.

Cathy Fuller

Saturday 12th of September 2020

You are a kind soul ! I wish there were millions more, billions more, in this world!!! Hope the boys get a wonderful home, I'd take them if I could. I'd save every animal on ???earth if I could !!! ????????