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Special Cat in Wheelchair is Unstoppable – Proves Disabled Cats Are Worth a Chance

Special Cat in Wheelchair is Unstoppable – Proves Disabled Cats Are Worth a Chance

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Life for special needs animals comes with unique challenges, but this doesn’t mean they can’t live fulfilling lives.

One special cat in particular proved that a she could live with a disability and make all her dreams come true!

A neurological condition didn’t stop this mighty kitten from Boston, Massachusetts from living her life to the fullest. 

When Brutiss and her sister were born, their mom abandoned them in a garden, leaving the two 3-day-old kittens to fend for themselves.

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Rushing to The Rescue

Newborn kittens don’t stand a chance without their mother.

Without help, they would suffer a horrible fate.

Fortunately for Brutiss and her sister, a good samaritan spotted them in time and brought them to Shanna Egan, a local veterinarian and small animal specialist.

Knowing the kittens would need extra special care, Shanna made the heroic decision to foster them herself.

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Despite her hard work and relentless efforts, Brutiss’s sister passed away within a week of arrival.

Devastated by the loss, Shanna was even more determined to see Brutiss, the remaining kitten, thrive.

Brutiss showed a strong will to live and powered through the treatment.

However, Shanna soon discovered something about the Brutiss’s health that made her heart sink. 

A Shockign Diagnoses

After some diagnostic tests, Shanna learned that Brutiss suffered from cerebellar hypoplasia.

This neurological condition resulted in tremors and made it difficult for her to keep balance.

Shanna suspected that her mama cat had feline panleukopenia virus while pregnant, leaving her babies with neurological issues. 

Luckily, the condition didn’t cause Brutiss any pain, and she was otherwise a healthy little kitten. 

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Shanna continued round-the-clock feedings and treatment for sweet little Brutiss for several weeks.

Though she’d originally agreed to foster the kitten, Shanna realized that she’d Brutiss and stolen her heart.

Instead of putting her up for adoption, Shanna adopted Brutiss herself. 

It would be a challenge for Brutiss to get around with her condition, but Shanna had a brilliant idea…

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Tiny but Mighty

Upon learning about the kitty’s struggle with balance, Shanna’s dad immediately got to work on building Brutiss a custom wheelchair out of some wheels and PVC pipes. 

Shanna’s mom made a belly sling using a ferret harness to gently secure her in her new walker.

She also gave the kitten some little boots to make it easier for her to grip the floor. 

Thanks to the love an ingenuity from Shanna and her family, Brutiss could use her little wheelchair to explore the world around her!

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

It didn’t take long for Brutiss to get used to her wheelchair. This little champ was tiny but mighty.

Before she knew it, she was walking around the house on her own.

This gave Brutiss the freedom she craved!

Not only was she walking, but she was starting to showcase some of her new talents…

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Harnessing Talents

Shanna introduced Brutiss to non-toxic paints and discovered she was quite the artist.

She explores her expressive side by drawing unique abstract patterns on canvas with her little paws.

Each of Brutiss’s creations is a masterpiece!

Shanna even auctioned off one of the kitty’s masterpieces and donated the proceeds to an organization that helps cats with special needs.

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Apart from painting, Brutiss is fond of swimming, too.

The swimming sessions are actually physical therapy for Brutiss’s condition.

She uses a flotation device to paddle leisurely in a shallow pool or bathtub while her favorite “hooman” plays lifeguard.

Brutiss can certainly add “olympic swimmer” to her impressive list of talents!

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Whether its in the bathtub or the pool, Brutiss simply enjoys spending time with her family.

Brutiss is quite the celebrity now too.

She has loyal fans all over the world who adore her!

Most importantly, Brutiss is changing how people view disabled cats.

Shanna hopes that others witness Brutiss’s journey and are inspired to give special needs cats a chance.

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Though Brutiss has thousands of fans, her heart will always belong to her number one fan, Shanna.

Shanna was there for Brutiss since day one. The two share a special bond!

Now they have a lifetime of beautiful memories to look forward to.

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

Happily Ever After

Brutiss’s journey hasn’t been easy, but she persevered. This sweet girl has worked hard to come this far.

Now 7 years old, Brutiss is as happy and healthy as ever.

With a doting fur mom and a supportive family behind her, she knows she can accomplish anything! 

Be sure to follow Brutiss on Instagram to see this little champion in action!

Courtesy of @brutiss__the_ch_cat

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Sharing is caring!

Michael Freitas

Thursday 20th of January 2022

Brutiss and her Mom are truly inspiring. This is a great story and I will share it. Thanks You

Shelley Cloutier

Thursday 28th of October 2021

You go sweet Brutiss! You are my Hero and thank you Shanna for giving this sweet baby a chance at a happy life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lesta TemanGoogle

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Thank you Shanna for giving beautiful Brutiss loving and caring home!! Your an amazing person to help be able to walk on his own. It's wonderful to see someone giving animals the love and care they need. He's a beautiful cat . Animals can live a normal life even disabled like humans.❤❤

Terry Jensen

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

everyone that adopts these precious furbabies to give them a chance whether dis abled or not are a God send...thank you from the bottom of my heart...she is so pretty!!!!

MaryJeanne Bouchard

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Thank you for saving this tiniest kitten and I'm proud of you caring and given her access to be adopted and loves your creativity for wheelchair... This is darling story makes me attempt to ask around for disable kitten and/or dog... You have big heart and soul... 🐾🐾💖🕊😊


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Love the tenacity he demonstrates👌🏻❤️