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Loving Cat Abandoned for Cuddling Too Much

Loving Cat Abandoned for Cuddling Too Much

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To non-cat owners, cats can have the reputation for being aloof. But cat owners know that cats the most loving creatures on the planet.

This became a problem for a beautiful Michigan cat named Jacque.

On day when Jacque was just seven months old, his owner moved away and abandoned him.

Rescued Just in Time

Nancy Hutchinson, founder and president of Michigan Cat Rescue, told The Dodo, “He was found in a house that was foreclosed on.”

The person who owned him left him there and didn’t care.

He was found by the realtor and brought into a local shelter. This happens quite often, sadly.

Unfortunately for Jacque, he wasn’t adopted and the shelter put him on the list for euthanasia.

Hutchinson visited Jacque just in time and took him to the Michigan Cat Rescue where he was no longer at risk of euthanasia.

Courtesy of Michigan Cat Rescue

“I saw him in his cage and felt so bad for him,” Hutchinson said. “I opened up his cage and … sat on the floor with him for a while and he sat on my lap. I thought, ‘Wow. What a nice cat.'”

Jacque Gets Abandoned…Again

Hutchinson rescued Jacque and brought him to the Michigan Cat Rescue where he was put for adoption and advertised as a “lap cat”.

It didn’t take long for a woman to come along and adopt Jacque, but sadly, she returned him about a year later.

Courtesy of Michigan Cat Rescue

According to Hutchinson, the woman told her, “‘He’s constantly trying to sit in my lap — I just can’t stand it anymore. I’ll have to return him to you — this is not what I signed up for.'”

But as Hutchinson points out, “Actually, it is what she signed up for because she requested a lap cat specifically. But she just became tired of having him.”

Stress Takes Its Toll on Jacque

When Jacque returned to the shelter, his health deteriorated. He was depressed after being rejected two times in a row.

All he wanted was to be loved and show love. He began to think something was wrong with him.

He wouldn’t eat and then developed upper respiratory and eye infections.

The stress of being returned was too much for the lovable cat.

Courtesy of Michigan Cat Rescue

The Road to Recovery

The shelter staff were determined not to give up on Jacque, and they nursed him back to health so that he could be re-adopted.

This time, however, they were much pickier about the applicants. They knew that Jacque couldn’t handle another rejection.

“We received a lot of applications for him, but a lot of them weren’t appropriate for his personality,” Hutchinson said.

Courtesy of Michigan Cat Rescue

The Perfect Family

One day Jacque’s luck changed. Liz Myziuk and her husband applied to adopt Jacque.

Hutchinson had a good feeling about the couple, so she invited them to visit Jacque.

Hutchinson said, “I let him out of the carrier, and he walked around a little bit. Then they picked him up and put him in their laps and he just stayed there. They were crying and so happy — they were so in love with him.”

Happily Ever After

Jacque, the cuddly cat who was twice abandoned, settled into his forever home in no time.

And he even got a new name: Giuseppe!

Giuseppe’s story began as a heartbreaking one, but ended in a heartwarming adoption.

He can now cuddle with his new mom and dad as much as he his heart desires.

Guiseppe will never worry about about being abandoned again. He knows he is safe and loved in the arms of his new family.

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Monday 15th of March 2021

My cat gets too many cuddles because my whole family(of 6) LOVES him and he constantly is being held by someone. Guiseppe is lucky to have Liz and her husband! Thank you for adopting Guiseppe and giving him a 4ever home! I wish he was mine ?!

Suzanne Roussel

Monday 15th of March 2021

Those people don't deserve such a beautiful ? cat like him they should be ashamed of themselves i am so happy this adorable ? and sweet precious baby ? found ? a loving family.


Monday 15th of March 2021

I'm so happy for Jacque at the end but at the same time, I'm so pissed off with the woman who returned him! WTF?! So selfish! She should be banned from getting any adoption anymore!


Saturday 13th of March 2021

I was in tears reading this story about this beautiful cat ,Thank you to the couple who saved him ,God Bless You .??

Evelyn Encarnacion

Saturday 13th of March 2021

I was so sad to hear but this is what Cats do!! I personally have 2 loving fur babies and I love their cuddles! How can you not?