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Shelter Cat Convinces Attorney to Adopt Her & Becomes Law Firm’s “Worst Employee Ever”

Shelter Cat Convinces Attorney to Adopt Her & Becomes Law Firm’s “Worst Employee Ever”

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When Arkansas attorneys Rachel and Asa King decided it was time to welcome a new, four-legged friend into their family, they thought they had their hearts set on one cat in particular. 

Little did they know, a very special shelter cat was determined to change their minds. 

Keep reading to discover how this clever cat charmed her way out of a shelter and into a law firm.

Pint-Sized Panther

Rachel and Asa wanted to rescue a cat— a black cat, in particular.

Black cats are one of the most under-adopted groups of cats due to the false superstition that they’re bad luck. 

Knowing this, Rachel and Asa were committed to giving one of these pint-sized panthers a new life. 

“My husband and I went to a local shelter after looking at their website’s list of adoptable cats,” Rachel said. “We saw one we really liked and had decided to adopt him.” 

However, their plans soon changed when they arrived at the shelter…

Love at First Sight

Rachel and Asa arrived at the shelter and proceeded to search for the cat they’d seen online.

However, they didn’t make it very far. 

“We didn’t even make it past the play room. Our search stopped there,” Rachel recalled.

Upon walking in the playroom, they observed a beautiful black cat with long hair playfully pouncing and tumbling with another cat. 

The cat stopped playing when she noticed the couple and greeted them with a friendly meow and gentle nudge on the ankles. 

Taken aback by the cat’s greeting, Asa reached down and picked her up. 

“She immediately curled up in his arms and fell asleep,” said Rachel. 

It was an instant bond. They felt at home in each other’s company. 

When Asa tried to put the cat down, she cried and insisted he pick her back up. 

The gaze from her big, beautiful yellow eyes melted their hearts. 

Asa turned to his wife and said, “I guess this is our cat now.”

Making it Official 

When asked about her, the shelter said that she was a year old and had been trapped somewhere downtown. 

Other than that, little was known about her.

The staff couldn’t say how long the cat had been on her own, but she socialized easily once at the shelter. 

Asa and Rachel realized this cat had made their decision for them.

She’d charmed her way into a new family. 

“It just felt right. She didn’t treat us like strangers. It was like she’d known us her entire life,” Rachel recalled. 

The Queen of The Kings

The next order of business was deciding on a name, but that was easy. 

“We named her Bastet after the ancient Egyptian cat god because she likes to be worshipped,” Rachel joked. “She’s very sassy, very vocal, and a total brat. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll cry.” 

Bastet’s first day in a new environment was a little shaky, but she quickly overcame her initial shyness with a bit of bribery. 

“When we got her home, she hid behind the fridge for about two days. And then we cracked open some cans of Fancy Feast and she was like, ‘Okay, I’m ready,’ and she was fine after that,” Rachel said.

Since her first successful bribe, she demands Fancy Feast on a regular basis. 

“I’m pretty strict about feeding times so she doesn’t try with me.” said Rachel. “But she knows her dad will give her anything she wants so she strategically kisses up to him.”

New Friend or New Servant? 

More recently, the Kings decided it was time for Bastet to have a friend, so they adopted Louis, a spunky French bulldog who was eager to please. 

Though Bastet was originally unsure about Louis, they’re now best friends— well, according to Louis. 

“He bows down to her like dogs do to say ‘I want to play,’ and she thinks that he’s bowing down to her because he worships her. That’s the dynamic they have,” Rachel laughed. “They get along really well.”

Bastet is a strong, independent woman. She does what she wants, when she wants.

Most importantly, she values her alone time and beauty sleep. 

Sometimes she has to remind Louis that she needs her space. 

Though a little disappointed, Louis is respectful of his queen’s wishes. 

World’s Worst Assistant 

Besides begging for food and playing with Louis, Bastet spends her days “assisting” her dad at his home office. 

Her job duties include using her parents’ laps as her personal thrones, knocking office supplies off the desk, and fidgeting with wires. 

“She’s probably the world’s worst assistant. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!” Asa laughed.

If she’s especially good, Asa will reward her with an extra spoonful of Fancy Feast and gentle scratches behind her ears. 

“She can be very productive when she tries. Sleeping for all 8 hours of the work day is hard work,” Asa joked. 

Asa and Rachel are so grateful Bastet is part of their family.

They couldn’t imagine their lives without her.

“She’s the happiest around bedtime when she’s surrounded by her three loyal servants,” Asa chuckled.

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Diane Weir

Thursday 30th of December 2021

Just the most beautiful story, brings tears to my old eyes, I have a 17yr old girl who looks just the same, and I know her days are numbered, I will be so alone.


Thursday 9th of September 2021

My mom was a secretary in a law office all her life. A couple years after they moved the office away from downtown into the country, she took one of our cats intended to be given to one of the other office girls but the girl had to back out so the kitty became the office cat instead and was there for 11 years before mom and her boss retired. Ram always greeted the clients who came in and was seldom brushed off or rejected. Ram (1983-2000) was a special cat indeed.

Liz Greenspan

Thursday 9th of September 2021

This is so adorable. I would love this.

Linda Norway

Thursday 9th of September 2021

Love love, love 💓🐾 I adore my 11 year old black feral rescue cat.

jules kingshott

Thursday 9th of September 2021

Such a sweetie, what a darling :-) Love your story, such beautiful photos, wishing you all the love forever xxx