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Meet Tristian! He’s a gorgeous boy from Tennessee! 

Tristian was adopted by his human, Sally, when she stopped by her local PetSmart to purchase cat food for her elderly cat.

Little did she know she’d be taking home a new kitty too!

PetSmart just happened to be having an adoption event that day. Sally tried hard not to look, but she couldn’t resist.

“I tried very hard not to look, but this kitten stole my heart. Love at first sight,” Sally recalled.

Tristian is very curious and adventurous. He loves all kinds of fun activities!

Tristian enjoys playing in Sally’s fenced in yard where he can leap, pounce, and soak up some sunshine.

He also enjoys sitting in his mom’s lap and computer chair. He tends to nap wherever it’s convenient.

Tristian’s other hobbies include bossing around his cat siblings and chasing after the elusive red dot from his favorite laser toy.

He’s a mischievous boy who loves a good adventure. In fact, he’s famous for getting into places he shouldn’t!

“He climbs into the fridge every time I open it. He still does it!” said Sally.

Tristian loves to indulge in a variety of delicious treats. As a main course, he enjoys Friskies pate, shreds, and stew.

When it comes to treats, he can’t resist a good Sheba Stick! In fact, he’s the only cat in the house who likes them.

“With as much as he eats, I should buy stock in Chewy” Sally joked.

Sally and Tristian are inseparable. When he’s not exploring or playing, he insists on following his mom everywhere.

He even follows his mom to the bathroom! It’s as if he’s her shadow.

Tristian is the prince of his home and makes sure everyone knows it!

While he loves to be pampered, he makes sure his mom knows how much he appreciates her.

We’re proud to call Tristian a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 25th of November 2020

That is such a nice story thank you for sharing and have a great day ? so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ?


Tuesday 17th of November 2020

What a Awesome Kitty. I am So Happy he has a forever home. And a great Mommy to take care of him. I was not a cat person until I had to have Breast Cancer surgery. And had to say at my Daughter’s and Son in law’s for almost a year and a half. I got So Attached to my Grandaughter Allison’s Female Kitty Raja. And it broke my heart to have to leave. Raja and there two Dogs Marley and Mavis were my best Recovering I could of ever had. So hopefully after the new year I can find my own kitty. Bless you for a Lovely Story. Happy Holidays Everyone. Susie Sebring Florida.