Fire Dept. Allegedly Called Cat Stuck in 50-Foot Tree for 5 Days “Unworthy” of Rescuing

Fire Dept. Allegedly Called Cat Stuck in 50-Foot Tree for 5 Days “Unworthy” of Rescuing

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Plenty of people have witnessed cats get stuck in trees, but neighbors in Northwest Side saw this scenario taken to new heights recently. 

One late Autumn day, a cat became stuck in a 50-foot tree for 5 days.

The poor cat helplessly endured thunderstorms and high winds as neighbors desperately tried to help.

Keep reading to uncover this extraordinary tale of determination. 

Rushing to the Rescue

No one knows exactly how the sweet orange tabby named Lullaby managed to find himself stuck in a 50-foot tree.

Neighbors were unsure of how he climbed up that high, but suspected that a dog had chased him up there.

Either way, one thing was certain: Lullaby couldn’t climb down on his own.

Local neighbor, Jessica Tapia, was quick to the scene.

She and others tried laser pointers, pulley systems, and food to get the trapped cat down.

They even took to social media asking for help and possible solutions.

However, nothing seemed to be helpful.

With Lullaby’s emergency growing more dangerous, the neighbors turned to the city for help.

Courtesy of Black Club Chicago

Calling All Helpers

They reached out to city officials and called 911.

Construction crews came by with ladders, but found out the tree was mostly dead, making it unstable and dangerous. 

So Jessica called Autumn Ganza, who runs the local rescue Castle Blackpaw and was familiar with such cases.

Autumn contacted tree-trimming services she’d used before for help.

Two responded and attempted to save Lullaby, but were also unsuccessful.

Finally, they resorted to an age-old method: calling the fire department.

But when firefighters arrived, they didn’t have enough space for their truck and ladder.

Jessica and neighbors were further frustrated and angered when firefighters then allegedly told them Lullaby wasn’t worth rescuing because he was feral. 

“They literally laughed about it, took a selfie and then left,” Tapia said.

Hope At Last

Just when all hope seemed lost, a neighbor called Humberto Fernandez, the owner of Fernandez Tree Service.

They hoped that he would care and succeed where others hadn’t.

Humberto immediately drove out to see what he could do.

It was dark, weather conditions were quickly getting worse, and Humberto realized the tree was also next to a power line.

Even so, he called his foreman and told him to get ready: the next day, they were going back to save Lullaby, no matter what it took.

Courtesy of Black Club Chicago

A Hero Appears

Early the next morning, they brought over a truck with a cherry picker basket that could reach Lullaby.

The foreman went up, grabbed him, and started coming down.

When he was still 20 feet up, a terrified Lullaby jumped down and ran into a nearby lot. 

Neighbors chased after Lullaby, captured him, and took him to the vet.

Lullaby had a collapsed lung, kidney issues, and internal bruising, but thankfully no broken bones.

There, staff are treating his injuries and rehabilitating him.

Since the rescue, Humberto said he’s been receiving lots of praise.

“Well, it was the Christian thing to do. I didn’t do it for money and didn’t want to get paid or anything,” Fernandez said. “My goal was just to help out. I didn’t think twice about it.”

But he didn’t do it for praise; he’s was just happy to help those in need, whether they walked on two legs or four.

Courtesy of Black Club Chicago

Original story written by Alex V. Hernandez

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20 Replies to “Fire Dept. Allegedly Called Cat Stuck in 50-Foot Tree for 5 Days “Unworthy” of Rescuing”

  1. I am glad that Lullaby is okay. That was not nice of the people laughing about matter and should done a better job of helping the cat. God bless the one who helped Lullaby out and hopefully he will find a new family.

  2. I thought of a cherry picker right away once I found out the tree was dead. Great save by Humberto though and what a disgusting attitude of the firefighters. Poor lullaby must have been terrified and so uncomfortable in all that wind and rain. I am wondering what will happen in terms of a home when he recovers. I do not know how feral he is or if he really is but maybe just a sweet cat in need of a home.

  3. What a wonderful man. Shame on the firefighters for their behavior. Hopefully,
    Lullaby is getting well. I so love ginger cats.

  4. Thank you uh for rescuing this cat. You & your crew are heroes. Your local fire dept should be very ashamed at leaving this furbaby up in the tree.

  5. No animal in trouble is “worthless” and those fire fighters need to be reprimanded for that horrible comment… laughing taking a selfie shows there is some bad even in firefighters who save lives but this poor cat was not important to them so they wouldnt help!

  6. What a kind hearted person this guy is ,can’t believe the fire department though this poor cat wasn’t worthy of saving that tells me when a house is burning down that they probably leave the animals inside how awful they should be ashamed of them selves.
    God Bless the guy who saved this cat your a real hero. Happy to hear the cat is being looked after .🙏🙏

  7. God bless you Humberto…you are a true Angel 😇 THE FIREMEN SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF THE DEPT. SICKENING PIECES OF TRASH…

  8. Mr Hernandez and his Foreman are the true heroes and the firemen who refused to help are the zeros. Glad that Lullaby is okay and everything ended well. I hope that Lullaby ends up with a great Forever Home and Family

  9. I am saddened by the response of people that you would think make a challenge if nothing else to figure this out. and for the remarks…I have bad things to say to those and I won’t but it would give me pause as to who is called to rescue ME should I need it!! I hope that kitty has a life in a last place…if he were close he could join my colonies..

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