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Seattle Couple’s Missing Cat Turned Up 2,500 Miles Away in Alaska

Seattle Couple’s Missing Cat Turned Up 2,500 Miles Away in Alaska

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You may think you like to travel, but you’ve got nothing on this special tuxedo cat. 

Keep reading to discover how a missing cat surprised his owners when he turned up two weeks later in Alaska, over 2,500 miles away! 

A Strange Disappearance

Josh and Christina Clevenger’s cat, Panda, lived a simple life in Washington State, happily begging for kisses and treats.

And though he liked to explore, they reported that his adventures stayed fairly close to home. 

When he initially didn’t come home, they weren’t too worried. He always returned home shortly after an adventure. 

Days passed and they started to grow worried. After a week, Josh and Christina were very concerned. 

Courtesy of Christina Clevenger

The couple went online to seek help.

They uploaded pictures and his description to local social media groups for lost animals, asking readers to help bring home their beloved cat.

However, they weren’t ready for the surprise they were about to uncover…


Miles away in Kenai, Alaska, a Home Depot employee made a similar post. 

He’d opened up a newly-arrived shipping container, but along with ordered supplies, there was a cat! 

“Last night we opened one of the trucks that came from Seattle and this cat was in there,” he wrote on Facebook with a picture of the bewildered traveler. “Really sweet but pretty scared I think.”

Knowing the shipment came from Seattle, he posted the cat’s picture on a Seattle group for lost pets.

As fortune would have it, Christina’s aunt stumbled across it. 

Courtesy of United Angels

A Shocking Discovery

Christina’s aunt quickly called her with the news. 

After seeing the post, Christina contacted the store to confirm whether or not it was Panda. Sure enough, it was!

She was ecstatic to learn that the cat was her beloved Panda, despite how impossible it may have seemed.

Though they aren’t sure of all the details, they believe that Panda wandered into a freight container and became locked inside, unable to escape. 

Courtesy of Christina Clevenger

So when the container was shipped out to Alaska, Panda was shipped along with it. 

He spent an estimated nine or ten days in transit before being discovered.

It was a miracle he made it for as long as he did. 

Despite their shock, the couple was just happy to know their precious Panda was safe and alive. 

Courtesy of United Angels

Home Sweet Home

With the help of United Angels, a non-profit dedicated to reuniting owners and lost pets, Panda was soon able to join his family again! 

The founder of United Angels, D.D. Ponder, described Panda’s story as one of the craziest she’d ever heard. 

The organization happily covered the cost of Panda’s flight, travel, and vet care. 

Christina and Josh agreed that Panda’s disappearance and discovery was mind-blowing. 

More than anything, they consider themselves lucky to have Panda safe, home, and healthy. 

Courtesy of United Angels

A Valuable Lesson

Panda’s story is one that should remind cat owners the dangers of allowing your cat outdoors.

While Christina and Josh were eventually reunited with their cat, many others aren’t so lucky. 

Even if you allow your cat to go outside during the day and return at night, there are still life-threatening risks. 

Outdoor cats face a high risk of being abducted, ran over, and attacked by predators and other cats. 

To ensure your cats live a long and healthy life, keep them indoors, get them microchipped, and have them wear a break-away collar and ID tag with your contact information. 

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The ID tag should say, “INDOOR CAT” to ensure anyone who finds him/her will know your cat is missing. 

Spayed and neutered cats are less likely to escape.

Get your cat’s spayed and neutered to reduce the risk that your cat will attempt to run out the door.

Want to help more cats stay out of harm’s way?

Kindly educate cat owners about the benefits of keeping their cats indoors. It could save a cat’s life!

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Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I’m so happy you have been reunited with your beloved cat.Happy ending is what I like to hear.Welcome home sweetheart.❤️❤️


Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I am so glad that Panda is home with his owners. It is a miracle that h is still alive. God took care of him to find his owners. That is a real real big blessing. I am glad that he reunited with his owners. God bless you all. Keep him inside where he is safe.

Dianne N.

Monday 27th of September 2021

My two cats are chipped as well as never allowed out unless they go on a road trip with me and then they are in a harness and lead.

Suzanne Roussel

Monday 27th of September 2021

I'm so happy they found him,so adorable and sweet precious baby 💘 I love happy endings 💗 💖

Diana Schreier

Monday 27th of September 2021

Thank you so much to the United Angels and Ms. Ponder. What a wonderful and marvelous Association you are. You truly are Angels.