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College Students Rescue Abandoned Cat In Critical Condition

College Students Rescue Abandoned Cat In Critical Condition

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Emily, an Arkansas college student, was leaving her boyfriend’s house one evening when she noticed a cat in desperate need of help.

From a distance, she could tell he was very skinny and had difficulty walking, but she wasn’t prepared for what she would see next.

Keep reading to discover this neglected kitty’s incredible story.

Courtesy of Emily Moore

Making New Friends

As soon as Emily saw this poor cat, she knew she had to do something.

“He looked pitiful. He was skinny, not neutered, had lesions all over his body, and a huge scab on his cheek and neck”, Emily tells National Kitty.

The cat was starving and clearly suffering from a terrible accident or fight.

Courtesy Emily Moore

Emily had always loved cats. At first, he was hesitant and kept his distance. She wanted him to trust her, so she started feeding him. 

After only a couple days, he became a return customer.

Every night she would wait for his return. He would come, eat, and then rest underneath their cars.

“What broke my heart is that I wasn’t the only one who saw him. There are always people coming in and out of the apartment complex. I can’t believe anyone who saw the shape he was in could just ignore him!” states Emily.

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Getting Help

Although he was now being fed, his the kitty’s condition did not improve. “He would just lay around all day every day, and it was even a struggle for him to eat dry cat food,” Emily tells National Kitty.

Courtesy of Emily Moore

They desperately needed to rescue him. As soon as he let Emily get closer, she knew it was time. That night, she called her twin sister, Louise, for help.

Louise brought over a cat carrier and a blanket with hopes that the kitty could be persuaded to get inside. At first, he was scared and would inch toward the carrier only to turn away after a few moments.

Desperate to get him off the streets, Emily took a chance. She scooped him up and put him in the carrier without much of a struggle.

Hope On The Horizon

The injured kitty was then taken to their home. 

“It was amazing. He made himself right at home. As soon as he made his way out of the carrier, he hopped on my bed and made himself comfortable. I think he knew he in good hands” Louise tells National Kitty. 

Courtesy of Emily Moore

Emily and Louise decided to name him Sherbet because of his orange and cream fur.

Once he was out of the outdoor heat and could relax in an airconditioned home with unlimited food and treats, he started to look much better. 

“He was so sick that he could only eat a little bit at a time. But after a couple of days he had a big apetite” says Louise.

Every day he would eat almost all of the food. Then he would jump on the bed for a well deserved nap.

“He is just so much livelier now,” says Emily said. “I can’t believe it!”

A Mystery Solved

After finding Sherbet, Emily started asking the apartment residents if they knew where he came from.

He was so friendly – clearly he had been around people before.

One of her neighbors had the answer. Sherbet had been the victim of a hoarding situation.

When the owner was evicted, she abandoned Sherbet and left him on the streets to fend for himself.

Courtesy Emily Moore

Road To Recovery

However, Sherbet was not in the clear quite yet. He was still facing some major health issues. His journey had just begun.

Emily promptly made an appointment with West Prince Animal Hospital.

She spent the next few days leading up to the vet visit cleaning his wounds and feeding him as much as he liked.

Sherbet Needs A Forever Home

Sherbet was was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. They concluded he was roughly 3 years old.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with FIV. However, this does not mean he is doomed. FIV positive cats that are neutered can live among other indoor cats and enjoy a normal life expectancy.

Emily and Louise are going back to college and cannot keep Sherbet. He is up for adoption in Arkansas and desperately needs a forever home that will love him unconditionally.

UPDATE: It brings us great sadness to inform our readers that Sherbet has crossed the rainbow bridge.

He suffered from multiple illnesses that his immune system was unable to conquer and the vet could no longer control. He tried his best and fought hard until the end.

The last month of his life was wonderful. He indulged in delicious wet food and tasty treats. He loved to be cuddled and scratched between his ears.

He will be loved and remembered forever. Rest in treats, sweet Sherbet.

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