Mustache Kitty Doesn’t Know He’s an International Celebrity

Mustache Kitty Doesn’t Know He’s an International Celebrity

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This is the story of a little kitten with a milk-mustache who is stealing hearts all over the world!

At three months old, this kitten walked into the lives of a French couple: Romain and Sabrine. 

One look at the little guy and the rest is history.

Courtesy of Gringo

The kitten’s “mustache” made it seem like he was an aristoCat about to meow “bonjour!”  

It was a perfect match.

“I tried to play with him to make a connection, and he started purring and giving us cuddles,” said Romain.

The couple immediately fell in love and took the baby home with them. They named him O’gringo.

Courtesy of Gringo

Once the O’gringo arrived at his new home, he met Romain and Sabrine’s cat Milko.

Instead of being scared of him, the kitten started jumping around and played with Milko for hours.

Courtesy of Gringo

O’gringo not only loves jumping around, but also has lots of fun climbing on the curtains, and standing on his two back like a meerkat!

As you can see, O’gringo is very busy playing, poucing, and purring. He has plenty of energy and loves to play!

Courtesy of Gringo

Milko is O’gringo’s best friend and brother from another brother.

These partners in crime spend countless hours frolicking and playing. 

Courtesy of Gringo

But it’s not always fun and games. When Miko is not playing, he likes to settle down for a nap on the couch.

He can be found snoozing peacefully alongside his brother.

Courtesy of Gringo

He is a peppy little fellow who loves getting his way! He loves being pet and cuddled by his mom and dad.

Look at those beautiful gold eyes! His charm is irresistible.

Courtesy of Gringo

O’gringo is all grown up now. He lives in a loving home with wonderful parents and a fun cat brother. 

O’gringo the mustache kitty warms the heart of anyone who meets him.

With his handsome mustache and sparkling personality, it’s impossible not to fall in love!

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16 Replies to “Mustache Kitty Doesn’t Know He’s an International Celebrity”

  1. I have a tuxedo cat with a mustache myself, but this guy isn’t a tuxedo, so it’s Even more special !!!just adorable !!! 👍💞🐱😻🐈

  2. Very sweet and unique he is truly 1 of a kind there is no way to fake such a marking glad he has good people to love him hope he lives many years

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