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Woman Grieves Loss of Former Cat, Look-alike Kitten Suddenly Appears to Comfort Her

Woman Grieves Loss of Former Cat, Look-alike Kitten Suddenly Appears to Comfort Her

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Meet Cynamin! She’s a sweet, two month old ginger tabby from Pennsylvania.

Cyamin just happened to be at the right place at the right time when someone special saved her life.

Her mom, Yvonne, tells us all about this fateful meeting in the story below.

A Fateful Meeting

Cynamin was actually more of a “save a life” than a rescue.

You see, one month ago today, I stepped out onto my building’s fire escape and saw this little tiny baby kitten running around to my left where my neighbor was sitting.

My initial reaction was, “oh my you got a kitten, how cute.”

I walked over and picked the beautiful baby kitten up, but she was scared.

I asked my neighbor when and where she got her and was told she was given to her from a relative the day before.

However, my neighbor told me the kitten been hiding under her couch ever since she got there, would not eat, and didn’t like her.

To make matters worse, my neighbor said that she wanted a black kitten with white paws, so she didn’t want the beautiful ginger kitten she’d been given.

She then said to me, “Do you want her?”

I had just lost my precious Pete The Cat on June 1st and I was not quite ready for another cat or kitten.

However, seeing this little baby kitten running around on a dangerous fire escape with my neighbor not caring about her or her safety, I did what was in my heart and said, “Yes, I’ll take her.”

Strangely enough, this kitten looked a lot like Pete the Cat.

No cat could ever replace Pete, but there was something special about this kitten that reminded me of him.

Ironically, I haven’t had a kitten since I was very young, so this was definitely something new!

I was up for the challenges and the road ahead.

Sweet Cynamin

I love ginger cats, however I didn’t want to name her ginger.

Since she has added so much spice to my life, I named her Cynamin with creative spelling and she responds very well to her new name.

In this one month, Cynamin has/is growing nicely, gotten into everything she can, become very comfortable in her new home, and become my “velcro kitten” (my legs are proof!).

Cynamin is very entertaining and has become comfortable with me in what was once my bed, but is now hers.

No problem, I don’t mind having a baby kitten at the age of 64!

What is Cynamin’s personality like?

Due to the way she lived before I saved her, Cynamin needs of a lot of one-on-one attention.

She’s very happy and playful, however, meeting new people makes her nervous at first.

She eventually warms up to them and wants to play.

She has my best friend wrapped around her paws! 

She loves to roughhouse despite being a female kitten.

Now that Cynamin is comfortable in her new home, she has a healthy appetite.

She’ll indulge in any form of wet food, Friskies Dry Kitten Food, and Friskies Party Mix Snacks.

In Honor of Pete the Cat

In all seriousness, I truly believe that along with God, Pete The Cat had his paws in this union with Cynamin.

I was devastated by his loss. Pete was family– he was my entire world.

I feel like Pete did not want me to be alone and sad, so he put Cynamin and I in the right place at the right time! 

Thank you god and Pete The Cat; mommy is going to be fine now. You can rest in peace now, my love!

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Saturday 27th of November 2021

First and foremost, condolences on Pete's passing away. God has sent this cat to you in Pete's place. Cynamin she's so adorable. We lost our dear Sammy last year and it's very hard to get another one. She was our baby girl😽 Now my niece is feeding her outside cat's and they love her to death. We also have 3 cat's at our other house. Gray with white paws, black with orange. And the other one looks just like your cat. Very friendly and happy. Enjoy your little one. Naaz

Vanessa Yazell

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

I absolutely love this story. It relates so much to mine it's crazy. We lost our precious Bubby boy in May of this year. It devastated us.. he had eaten some sort of poison and the vet did everything he cld to try and save him. A whole week straight he was at the vet hospital, gave him meds, surgery, you name it. He was progressively getting worse and in so much pain and suffering. So we had to make the hardest decision of our lives and put him down. We had him creamated so he can be with us always. But then about 2 months later we heard these meows coming from under the house next door. There were 3 pretty black and white kittens scared and left alone. Their mom was nowhere to be found. We tried a few times to catch them and finally the third times a charm. We set up a trap and finally got them. Well this little squirt got loose and had to chase him down a CPL more times. He was so cute, blk and white, and bobbed his head with tongue sticking out. We called animal rescue. They came but we cldnt help to decide and keep this one til we found a good home. The others looks sick and we weren't financially stable to keep them til we found a good home. The whole idea was to keep him til we found a good home. Well that didn't happen. This cutie kitten is now named Theo bc he looked like Theodore from Alvin and the chipmunks (small). We looked up Theodore and tell me why the meaning is "a gift from God". I know that was a gift from God but I also know Bubby boy had something to do with it bc he has similar traits and characteristics of Bubby. RIP Bubby boy.

Tyrell Maxilom

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Anihumans are our comforter! They love you ❤️ when your in their wonderful world! They amaze you with their individual personality of their own quirkyness and they bring you back from this crazy world back to a simple place of love and peace! I would love to have another cat but unfortunately know I'm houseless in Hawaii but Hawaii is my home it's impossible to love a kitten 🐈 or a cat and it would break my heart to have another cat pass away like my last cat "Baby" was his name and be mindful of what you name your cat mines cried like his name when he didn't get attention 😹! I miss many of my friends and WILL reunite when I get to be with them forever in heaven with my savior CHRIST JESUS! Till then ALOHA OE! 🥰🥰


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Very familiar feeling, an orange kitten was found in a dump at work I rescued him and it was the anniversary of my father’s passing, my old orange cat passed that same week from very old age it was like here’s another orange cat that needs you!

Wonder Woman

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Wonderful meant to be story. Pete was a great cat. Cynamin seems to be Heaven sent.