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Danish Rescue Group Urges Public to Help Save Cats Held Captive by Fur Farmer

Danish Rescue Group Urges Public to Help Save Cats Held Captive by Fur Farmer

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On December 31, a disturbing video from a Danish rescue group, De Glemte Danske Ræve, appeared on Facebook showing several cats trapped in small cages in freezing temperatures on a mink farmer’s property.

The cats’ living conditions are enough cause for concern, but the farmer’s history raised suspicion about his intentions with the cats.

The man had previously raised mink for fur farming until 2 years ago when it was discovered that mink can transmit covid-19, which made mink farming illegal by the Danish government.

When the farmer was questioned about why he had the cats, he refused to answer or cooperate with the police and animal rescue groups.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

The video was then shared by Fenjah, owner of special needs cat celebrity, Monty, urging cat lovers all over the world to help stop this tragedy from unfolding.

Fenjah responded to National Kitty and provided a timeline of events to help readers understand the dilemma and take action.

Keep reading to learn how you can help save these cats from a potentially horrifying fate.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

Timeline of Events

December 23 – The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration reveals that a farmer is keeping 230 mink and 60 foxes illegally in tiny cages on his farm. 

December 26 – A Danish animal rescue group visits the farmer in hopes of rescuing the animals being held illegally and give them a new life.

They wanted to make a deal with the farmer to help the animals.

When they arrived, they didn’t find any foxes or mink because they had already been killed.

Instead, they were very surprised to find cats in tiny mink cages on his farm.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

The cats lie in the cages next to their feces in freezing temperatures with only a blob of mink food and no access to water.

These living conditions alone put the cats’ lives in danger.

The rescue group documented this horrific scene and reported it to the police and Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The farmer refused to answer questions from rescuers or the police, raising even more suspicion about what he intended on doing with the cats.

December 27 – The next day, another rescue group tried talking to the man without success.

They were met with threats and he refused to give up any animals.

The rescue group called the police to report what they witnessed but are given a disheartening response.

In Denmark, it is illegal to produce skins and fur products from dogs and cats, but according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, it is not illegal to keep cats in tiny mink cages.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

December 29 – The police and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration arrived at the farm to check for illegal activity.

They find no cats in cages.

It is unknown what happened to the cats the rescue group originally documented.

December 31 – Another rescue group arrived at the road leading up to the farm.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

They received permission from some of the neighbors to set up humane traps on their farms in hopes of trapping local cats before more of them end up in cages on the accused man’s farm.

When they arrived near one of the neighbor’s home, they were met with the accused man and some of his friends.

They blocked the road so the rescue group could pass even though they were not on his property.

The rescue group stated they are not doing anything illegal and simply want to trap cats on the neighbor’s property.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

A History of Abuse

This is not the first time this farmer has raised suspicion for unethical activity.

The accused farmer allegedly has a 15-year-long history of animal abuse and neglect.

Because of the way Danish laws are structured, the farmer has faced very few consequences.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

Many people have considered breaking onto the property and freeing the cats, but trespassing is not an adequate or long-term solution.

This would not stop the farmer from getting new cats.

The goal is for the Danish government to make sure he permanently loses his rights to have animals.

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

How You Can Help

It is crucial that as many people as possible share this story to prevent this tragedy from going any further.

Cats lovers and animal rescue advocates from all over the world can help bring justice to this case.

By putting local and international pressure on the Danish government, it will urge officials to take away the farmer’s right to have animals for good. 

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

This is the only way to ensure he never does this again!

If you’d like to help, contact Rasmus Prehn, the Danish minister of food, fisheries and agriculture, demanding proper action is taken against the farmer.

[email protected]

Courtesy of De Glemte Danske Ræve

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Sharing is caring!

Diane Weir

Friday 4th of March 2022

As an Australian, is there any way your people over there can contact Princess Mary (a huge animal lover) I am sure she would be as appalled as I am. This poor excuse for a human has to be stopped!

Sally Moser

Friday 14th of January 2022

The Danish government Musy do something as this “man” will only continue to do this very same thing. He obviously is not human.

Joyce O'Malley

Friday 14th of January 2022

minks/cats or any animals ever!!!

Joyce O'Malley

Friday 14th of January 2022

Fine the farmer for abuse torture killing of animals!! Them put the farmer in prison for good!! He's a sneaky creep and should not be allowed to have access to minks/cars/ ir any animals ever!!!

Jean evelyn weeks

Thursday 6th of January 2022

Put that framer in jail i live in canada id horse whip him good