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Meet Dash! He’s a curious 5-year-old boy from Florida.

This sweet boy is as cute as he is quirky!

His mom, Danielle, tells us all about him in the story below.

Sweet Beginnings

I adopted Dash along with his sister, Dinah, from our local shelter in Brandon, Florida.

It’s the same shelter that I adopted my previous kitty from that had just passed away (at 15) the previous year.

Dash was the only ginger boy in his litter of 4!

He was curious about everything from the first day we met him and he’s still just as curious 5 years later.

My husband and I love Disney (we actually met working at the reservation center in Tampa) so we knew we wanted to name him after a Disney character.

He is named after the boy from the Disney move, The Incredibles, whose superpower is running fast.

Just like the character he was named after, our little Dash is full of energy and nothing slows him down!

As a kitten, he was very sick from parasites he got at the shelter and we made weekly visits to the vet for the first month.

I’m so glad we never gave up on him because he is such a bright spot in our lives!

What does Dash like to do for fun?

Dash loves to antagonize and chase his sister, Dinah, around the house.

He enjoys playing with his catnip mice and kicker!

He’s also obsessed with the refrigerator/freezer…

He waits at the door hoping an ice cube will fall to the floor so he can bat it around the kitchen.

If his mouse is not put in the bin before we go to bed, he will bring it to our bedroom.

I’m not sure if this because he wants to play or if it’s just a “gift” to show us how much he loves us…or it could be a little of both!

Every night he loves to snuggle with me in the recliner and sleep in my lap for hours.

He also LOVES to have his belly rubbed!

What is Dash’s personality like?

Dash is absolutely crazy!

He can be very chill and relaxed but also be a complete goofball at the same time.

He loves chasing his tail, running throughout the house, and crying to get into the pantry so can “steal” one of those little drink umbrellas!

Once he has it, he runs away with it like he just got his paws on some secret treasure.

Dash will eat just about anything, but he really loves the crunchy Temptations cat treats.

You will never see him turn down a piece of cooked chicken, though.

He is such a snuggle bug and loves to be around me at all times…he’s definitely my shadow!

He even likes to sit inside my makeup case when I getting ready in the morning.

He is always right there in the kitchen to greet me when I get home and cries if I’m out in the garage for too long.

Dash really just has the best ginger cat personality!

I’m so grateful he’s part of our little family.

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Sharing is caring!

Diane Ryan

Thursday 25th of November 2021

Wishing they ALL could be saved and placed in loving homes with people to care for them forever.