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Loving Foster Kittens Help Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

Loving Foster Kittens Help Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

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When Rosemarie T. adopted Daisy, a pit bull mix from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), she never expected Daisy’s life to go in such a unique direction. 

At first, everything was fine. Daisy seemed happy in her New York City home.

Then one day, Rosemarie returned home to find Daisy trembling in fear.

Thankfully, Rosemarie knew exactly how to help her faithful companion. 

Read on to discover how the love and companionship of two unlikely friends helped this sweet pit bull overcome her fears!

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Battling Fear

Rosemarie remembers coming home from work to find Daisy trying to hide from something. 

“Something must have really scared her, and since then, she doesn’t like to be home alone,” Rosemarie shared with People Magazine

A trip to the vet revealed that the eight-year-old pit bull mix was suffering from separation anxiety. 

Though the medication the vet prescribed stopped Daisy from trembling, it was a bandaid on a much bigger problem. 

Daisy was still lonely and anxious. 

“She doesn’t like to come back inside after I walk her in the morning. She thinks I’m going to leave her and will sometimes try to block the door,” Rosemarie recalled. 

The fur mom knew she needed to seek alternatives if she wanted to see Daisy to live more comfortably. 

That was when she had a brilliant idea…fostering kittens!

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Two Special Guests

Rosemarie was no stranger to fostering kittens. 

She’d been volunteering for the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City for several years.

During that time, she noticed that Daisy took a liking to the kittens that she brought home. 

“I knew that Daisy loves being a momma to them,” Rosemarie shared. 

So when she was given the opportunity to foster a pair of one-month-old kittens named Hummus and Honey, she didn’t think twice about agreeing!

Courtesy of the ASPCA

“I kept them separate until the kittens felt comfortable,” Rosemarie recalled. 

Once Hummus and Honey finally settled down and adjusted to their new environment, Rosie introduced them to Daisy. 

From there, it didn’t take long for the loving pit bull mix to warm up to her new roommates. 

“About two days later, they were in bed with Daisy, letting her clean them, cuddling, and climbing on her,” Rosemarie recalled.

Seeing how the three of them formed such a special bond that after a month, Rosemarie made a big decision that changed their lives forever..

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Foster Failure

Rosiemarie decided to make Hummus and Honey a permanent fixture in the family. 

She even gave them new names: Tulip and Sparkles. 

“I adopted the kittens because of the fun way they interacted with Daisy,” Rosemarie shared.

A big factor in Rosemarie’s decision was seeing how much Daisy’s separation anxiety had improved.

Since having the kittens to keep her company, Daisy has been a lot less anxious about Rosemarie leaving the house. 

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Tulip in particular had a special way of making Daisy feel at ease.

“When I’m getting ready to leave the apartment, Tulip lies down on Daisy’s bed, and then Daisy joins her,” Rosemarie shared. 

It was as if she knew exactly what her dog sister needed. 

Happily Ever After

These nurturing gestures gave Daisy the comfort and confidence she needed all along.

Thanks to her new kitten siblings, Daisy is living her best life!

Tulip and Sparkle have earned their title as the tiniest heroes and Rosemarie is so grateful to have them join her little family. 

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Anselma Quinones

Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Awwww…. I’m so happy for both kitties and the pup. What a beautiful ending.

Cynthia Hawkins

Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Hi Daisy touched my heart .i want her she looks like my Roxy whom died on26 of may she was 15 yrs old she was my best friend and alao raised some farrel kittens momma abamdoned They look so much alike.she never liked to be left alone neither im at home always and sure woyld make her my lap puppy cyndee im in Belton Texas


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Life trives on companionship! This story says it wonderfully.

Cooky Silverman

Monday 14th of March 2022

What a wonderful idea. I’m so glad your sweet dog has the kittens for company now.


Thursday 27th of January 2022

Such a Great Story.