Sick & Neglected Cat Blossoms Into Total Sweetheart Who Loves Wearing Mini Sombrero

Sick & Neglected Cat Blossoms Into Total Sweetheart Who Loves Wearing Mini Sombrero

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An Arkansas resident became concerned when they discovered a sickly cat wandering around an unusual location. 

What started out as a routine rescue and rehabilitation soon turned into a medical mystery. 

Keep reading to discover how a mysterious rescue turned into a life saving mission with the help of some local heroes! 

A Shocking Discovery

Mia Mae was brought into a local shelter in October of 2020 after a concerned resident found her in a wooded area near a lake.

The resident brought her to the shelter where the staff recalled she was “acting a bit on the feral side.”

The shelter then reached out to Sarah Richardson, an Arkansas cat rescuer with Community Cats of Central Arkansas, for help. 

“She was hiding under a pillow at the shelter. She wouldn’t come out and wanted nothing to do with any people or cats,” Sarah recalled.

A Mysterious Condition

Once Mia was in Sarah’s home, Sarah realized something was terribly wrong.

Despite the estimation that Mia was roughly three to five years old, Sarah remembers that Mia was “very tiny” and “she wouldn’t eat at all.” 

On top of being severely malnourished and dehydrated, Mia Mae was covered in fleas, mange, and was infested with parasites. 

“I gave her fluids and treated her for parasites. She was missing patches of fur because of an awful case of flea dermatitis,” said Sarah. 

Despite Sarah’s diligent care of Mia Mae, she grew more concerned as Mia continued to refuse food.

Mystery Solved

It wasn’t until Sarah brought Mia in to get spayed that vets figured out what was wrong. 

“We took her to the vet to get her spayed or see if she was already spayed” Sarah explained. 

“She wasn’t spayed. And when they went in to spay her, they found out she had a condition called pyometra.”

Pyometra is a painful and life-threatening uterine infection that results in death if left untreated. 

A Valuable Lesson 

It’s important to note that pyometra can easily be prevented by spaying cats.

“The vet said she’s really lucky because she would not have survived with that condition. She’s lucky she lived as long as she did with her internal infection,” Sarah said. 

Sarah stressed this was one of the many reasons cat owners should get their pets spayed and neutered. 

“Spaying isn’t just about population control. It’s also the best thing you can do for your cat’s cat’s health. In many cases, spaying your cat could save her life,” Sarah urged. 

“A Whole New Mia Mae”

The vets spayed Mia and prescribed antibiotics to treat her infection. 

Mia began eating bit by bit until she was devouring up to five cans of food every day. 

“It’s funny because she’s very snooty for a rescue cat. She only likes Fancy Feast and tuna! I tried everything and that’s the only thing she would eat.”

Now that she’s finally able to live pain-free, Mia loves playing with her foster family and snoozing on their laps. 

“Once she healed we saw a whole new Mia,” Sarah said. “She’s a total lap cat.”

Mia Mae the Model 

Sarah’s three kids help Sarah name her rescue cats.

They gave Mia Mae a lovely name that fits her personality purr-fectly. 

“She loves her name too. You say her name and she meows! She’s a big talker,” said Sarah. “She’s just adorable and is doing much better now.”

Sarah realized that Mia Mae wasn’t feral after all.

Her initial skittish, fearful behavior was because she was in excruciating pain.

“Originally the shelter said she was a little bit feral. Well she wasn’t, she was just feeling sick. Now she’s a delight,” said Sarah.

Mia also spends her time playing dress up, although Sarah said that she’s oftentimes more interested in playing with the clothes than wearing them.

For example, Mia Mae will pose for the camera in a tiny sombrero and play with the tassel. 

“She loves wearing her little sombrero and especially loves all the attention she gets from wearing it,” Sarah laughed. 

Happily Ever After

Mia Mae’s beauty radiates through her healthy new appearance.

She’s gained some much needed wait and her long, soft fur has been restored. 

Her gentle, high-pitched meows sound like bells. She’s very talkative and loves to voice her love and appreciation to her foster family.

Soon, Mia Mae will be ready for her forever home. 

“I’m certain she belonged to someone before she was rescued because she wouldn’t be as kind and gentle as she is. We posted her as a ‘found cat’ in several Facebook groups, but no one claimed her,” said Sarah. 

No one knows how sweet Mia Mae ended up in such horrible circumstances, but Sarah is confident that Mia will find the loving home she has always deserved. 

Until then, Sarah and her family are more than happy to shower Mia with all the love and attention her heart desires.

Meet Our Hero

Sarah Richardson is one of the few people in Arkansas that rescues adult and elderly cats with special needs.

Sarah is known for taking in cats that other rescuers would turn down. She is committed to giving a second chance to cats who truly have no other options.

If it wasn’t for Sarah and her family, many cats like Mia Mae would suffer a tragic fate.

Instead, Sarah’s rescue cats are thriving and living new lives with loving families they can call their own!

However, Sarah is entirely self funded. Medical treatment for adult and elderly cats in critical condition is often very costly and requires veterinary assistance.

If you would like make a donation to Sarah toward a rescue cat’s medical treatment, please click here.

Please click here if you would like to donate food and supplies directly to Sarah from her Amazon wishlist.

All donations help Sarah continue her life saving missions.

Be sure to follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest rescue cats!

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