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Meet Gemini! He’s a handsome 3-year-old cat from New Mexico.

Gemini went from the street life to the sweet life when someone special decided to give him a chance.

His human mom, Dellen, tells us all about her sweet boy in the story below!

From Homeless to Homebound

Gemini was an abandoned cat rescued by two women in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When they found him, he was in horrible condition and desperately needed medical care.

The women had their hands full with several rescue cats, but they still had room in their hearts and homes to take in one more.

They quickly realized how sweet and loving he was while they nursed him back to good health.

They later discovered that Gemini had walked over 50 miles to escape an abusive owner.

The women posted a picture of him online explaining his situation, hoping someone patient and caring would adopt him.

I saw the picture of him and it was love at first sight.

I remember thinking about how beautiful he was with his big blue eyes and gorgeous coat.

I’ve had him for over two years now and he’s the light of my life!

What is Gemini’s personality like?

Gemini is a little skittish because of his past trauma, but he’s very affectionate and caring.

He’s a curious cat who’ll perch by the window for hours watching the birds I feed.

Gemini is a very chatty cat! He’s quite vocal.

He follows me around 24/7 and talks to me by chirping and meowing like a little gentleman.

Gemini is on a specific medical diet so he can’t have treats, but he loves a good chew toy.

His favorite chew toy looks like a cigar and it helps him with his gingivitis.

I use a laser toy to help him get plenty of exercise.

How has Gemini made a difference in your life?

Gemini didn’t just make a difference in my life– he changed it for the better.

After my dogs passed away, I was so heartbroken that I swore I’d never have another animal again.

Gemini brought me back to life and helped me feel centered again.

It’s impossible to feel lonely with a loyal companion like Gemini by my side.

He’s always here to keep me company.

I believe that Gemini and I were brought together by fate.

He needed someone to love him unconditionally after his traumatic past and I needed someone to pour my love into.

Gemini is such a joy.

I’m so grateful we found each other!

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Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 7th of September 2022

so adorable! I wish my cats were like this. pls reply to me if you have a cat at home who is sometimes lazy but is very cuddley. thank you for your time and have a georgous day Gemini and the veiwers. these people are so brave and kind to save a kitty like this. bye. UwU

Angela Destefanis

Friday 22nd of July 2022

Poor kitty ! Thank you to whoever saved him.

Joyce O'Malley

Thursday 21st of July 2022

Happy story ending for handsome Gemini kitty!! Thank you kind cat people for taking care of Gemini kitty and saving his life!

Alice Wells

Thursday 21st of July 2022

Marvelous story. I am so happy for DOGGIE and his MOM.