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Neglected Cat Found Roaming Streets Keeps Waiting for Someone to Give Her a Chance

Neglected Cat Found Roaming Streets Keeps Waiting for Someone to Give Her a Chance

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Meet Sara! She’s a loving 8-year-old rescue cat in Nashville, Tennessee.

Life hasn’t been fair to poor Sara, but she’s still hoping someone will open their heart and give her a chance.

Sara’s foster mom, Madeline Fitzpatrick, tells us all about sweet Sara in the story below.

A Shocking Discovery

Sara was found on the streets amongst a colony of feral kitties.

However, one look at Sara confirmed she was not feral.

Sara is a Persian cat, an expensive exotic cat sold by breeders.

How did this fancy pants Persian cat find herself in a feral colony?

The Road to Recovery

Her past remains a mystery, but it’s very likely she was either abandoned or lost.

If she was lost, no one has stepped up to claim her.

Sara was found in horrible condition and required extensive veterinary care.

She had a severe case of pancreatitis and a bowel obstruction that required surgery.

To make matters worse, she had an ear mite infection so bad that she is now partially deaf.

Poor Sara’s long hair was so severely matted that she had to be completely shaved.

However, there was still hope for Sara.

With the help of several fosters and a very talented veterinarian, this sweet girl is as good as new.

Her recovery took several months, but she took it like a champ!

Sara, whose full name is Dr. Sara DVM, was named after the veterinarian who worked tirelessly at no cost to save her life.

What is Sara’s personality like?

Sara has shown me that despite what terrible circumstances life throws at you, you can still be kind.

She has so much resilience and strength.

I am so proud of her for how far she has come!

Sarah loves attention and is extremely affectionate.

She’s always head butting our arms and legs politely asking to be pet.

Sara is a big fan of wet food, wand toys, her catnip floppy fish, and binging cat TV.

She loves to snooze, especially next to her foster mommy.

Unfortunately, despite how much she loves humans, she does not feel the same way about other kitties.

She even hisses when she sees herself in the mirror or when I try to take a selfie with her!

Because of this, it’d be best for Sara to be adopted by someone as an only child.

Because Sara was found as a stray cat, her ear was tipped.

This doesn’t make Sara any less beautiful.

Ear tipped kitties need love too!

Adopt Sara

Sara is fully vaccinated, spayed, and ready to be adopted!

Despite how much we adore Sara and love having her in our home, she really wants to find her forever family.

All she wants is to curl up in a cozy home with a family she can call her own.

However, she hasn’t received any adoption applications.

I don’t understand why no one seems to want her.

After all she’s been through, this sweet girl deserves to live happily ever after in a loving home.

Sara is still in foster care in Nashville, TN and up for adoption through Fluff Nashville.

If you’re interested in adopting this precious girl, click here to fill out the adoption application.

Please share Sara’s story online to help her get adopted by someone special!

Click here to follow Madeline on Instagram to see more of Sara.


We have wonderful news to share: Miss Sara has been adopted!

Thanks to all of you amazing National Kitty readers, Sara’s story was shared and landed in front of the perfect match!

Just by reading and sharing, you helped Sara live happily ever after.

It was bittersweet for Madeline to say goodbye to Sara, but she was so happy to see Sara start a new chapter of life.

After all that Sara has been through, she deserved to find love again.

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Monday 8th of August 2022

Love the out come of this story.❣🐾❣❣

Nicky Tedder

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

I just found your site and the wonderful work you are doing l don't understand how some people can be so cruel,my wife and l have been dealing with this for over ten years we were left to take care of fifty cats that my mom had we moved in to an apartment behind her house to take care of her and the cats l have a brother and did have two sisters the oldest sister died in January the other sister lives in Phoenix Az.2000 miles from Blakely Georgia where we live we have done the best we can do many have died it just breaks our hearts now that my mom has died my sister who is the executor of my mom,s will is trying to evict us we have nowhere to go nor do our cats and she don't care we go to court tomorrow please pray for us and these beautiful cats we have two with new babies a total of 9 we have asked vets for help but they want 200.00 to fix them we can't afford it but we just found a place in Dothan Alabama that will do it for 60.00 we have had one fixed and we're ready to do another one when all this happened if you know of anyone who can help let us no God speed you good py.

Veronica Ponce

Monday 1st of August 2022

Yea for Sara! So happy for this gorgeous little kitty! Glad she found a home!

Michael Freitas

Thursday 28th of July 2022

Has Poor Miss Sara found a home yet


Thursday 28th of July 2022

Thanks to all of our amazing readers, Miss Sara has been adopted! I've updated the article with details.