Hungry 14-Year-Old Cat Rescued from Hoarder So Grateful to Have Full Belly Now

Hungry 14-Year-Old Cat Rescued from Hoarder So Grateful to Have Full Belly Now

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Many rescue stories start with kittens, but the reality is that there are just as many (if not more) adult and senior cats that need loving homes. 

This was certainly the case for Raggedy Ann, a frail and fraightened 14-year-old girl rescued from a hoarding situation. 

Keep reading to discover how this tragic victim of abuse made an incredible transformation that took everyone by storm. 

Saving One Life

Trapped in a Trailer

Raggedy Ann was discovered by local Humane Society trapped in a double-wide mobile home with 40 other cats and two dogs in Chandler, Arizona. 

All of the animals were severely malnourished and neglected. The clock was ticking and the Humane Society workers had no time to spare.  

They worried poor Ann wouldn’t make it, so they posted a photo of her online, desperately hoping a rescue would offer to help.

They waited with fingers crossed, hoping someone would find it in their heart to give Raggedy Ann a chance…

Saving One Life

Rushing to the Rescue

Sure enough, an incredible rescue stepped in to help.

She was transferred to Saving One Life, an animal rescue and sanctuary that provides care, foster, and adoption services for cat populations most at risk for euthanasia.

Weighing in at a mere 4 pounds and 15 ounces, Raggedy Ann was skin and bones.

Sweet 14-year-old Ann was so malnourished that she weighed as much as a 4-month-old kitten. 

Saving One Life

In fact, Ann was missing most of her teeth from living in such horrible conditions.

She had 7 teeth remaining that were rotting and making it difficult to eat.

It broke everyone’s hearts thinking about how long she had been starving.

However, there was still hope… 

Helpful Hands, Hopeful Hearts

It’s a miracle she survived long enough for Humane Society workers to rescue and transfer her to her foster home. 

Her foster mom and volunteers worked tirelessly to care for Ann, but they were still unsure if they could save her due to her age and condition. 

Saving One Life

Despite this, they were determined to do everything they could to save Ann’s life.

After all that Ann had been through, she deserved a fighting chance. 

Ann’s rotting teeth were removed so she could finally eat eat comfortably without pain.

They fed her wet kitten food mixed with warm water, set up a heated bed to make her comfortable, and kept her clean. 

She was initially too weak to even lift her head due to muscle loss, but she grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. 

Her foster mom was amazed by her determination and strength.

Ann was a true fighter! It was clear she had a strong will to live. 

Saving One Life

Raggedy Anne Reborn

As Ann grew healthier— tripling her weight from less than four pounds to over ten— she also began trusting the staff. 

Considering how Ann had been neglected by the hoarders, it was no surprise that she had trust issues with humans.

She had never been loved and cared for the way she deserved. 

Ann began playing with volunteers, purring in their arms, and seeking out love.

She even started socializing with the other cats and playing with toys!

It became clear Ann knew she was in good hands and was very grateful to finally be safe and taken care of. 

Saving One Life

Age is Just a Number

Since starting her recovery journey, Ann is now unrecognizable. Her transformation was incredible!

She looks like a completely different cat– a stronger and healthier one. 

Her fighting spirit and strong will to live shine through her personality. It’s no surprise she was adopted by a loving family so soon!

Ann started as a tragic victim of abuse, but transformed into a loving, healthy, and beautiful senior cat.  

Her fear has been replaced by confidence. She will never have to worry about being trapped or starved ever again. 

Raggedy Ann proves that age is just a number– every cat deserves a fighting chance, no matter how old they are.

Saving One Life

About Our Hero

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, at least 250,000 animals per year become victim of hoarding cases.

Ann, the two dogs, and the 40 other cats found in the hoarder’s trailer were very lucky to be rescued.

Most of the animals in hoarding cases aren’t as lucky. They suffer a slow, painful death and go unnoticed.

Below is a statement from Saving One Life written as Raggedy Ann.

“I want people to learn the signs of animal hoarding, so they can report someone if they think they need help. Even if it is a family member, you are our voice. We need you to speak up for us. I’m thankful to whomever called the police. We weren’t safe anymore and without them stepping up, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Saving One Life

Ann’s foster organization, Saving One Life, urges anyone who suspects animal hoarding to call the authorities and persistently follow up on the case.

Break your silence and speak up. It’s better to report someone and be wrong than be silent and let an animal suffer.

Be a voice for the voiceless so that animals like Raggedy Ann have a fighting chance.

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22 Replies to “Hungry 14-Year-Old Cat Rescued from Hoarder So Grateful to Have Full Belly Now”

  1. My heart broke reading this story – I am so very happy Raggedy Ann was rescued and is doing well now in a loving new home. So glad the other animals were rescued out of that horrible situation and are being helped. God bless the rescuers who saved those precious animals.

    1. So sad for any animal being hungry.neglected,or abused in anyway. Só grateful for the lovely people who rescue and love these creatures back to health. If we could only save them all. This was a beautiful story. Bless you all.

  2. I loved your story about Raggedy Anne. I have three cats, ages 4,6 and 15. My 15 year old lives in my bedroom with her friends who have the run of the apartment. She is in good health and enjoys her peaceful life.

    1. That is so heart breaking 💔 😢 😪 I cried reading this story 😢 💔 I am so happy the animals were all saved how can people 😢 do this to poor helpless animals that is horrible those people are monsters thank you for saving them god bless you all for all the help you gave those poor babies 🙏

  3. That is so sad. I am glad so thankful that Raggedy Ann was saved. The person who did this to this cat and the other animals will pay for it someday. I am so glad that she is in a good home. She turned out to be a beautiful cat.

  4. Ann is identical to my cat named Peanut Butter.. Good job on saving those innocent animals!! Without people like you n me they couldn’t survive! XO

  5. OMG! Ann is a miracle! I have never seen a cat with such severe malnutrtion and starvation. My heart breaks to see the pictures of her but soars when I think of her recovery and her loving nature despite her abuse. God bless the person who reported this to the authorities!

    1. I’m so sad yet so happy Annwas rescued along with all the other sweet babies ,my heart broke & I cried to see her so thin ,God bless whoever cacalled the authoritys I pray this person was charged & arrested ,I LOVE that she got her 2nd chance ,I’ll keep praying for all breeds of animals day & night ,as I have been for years ,that no animal ever suffers as Raggedy Ann did .

  6. Love this story! As a Rescuer myself and also having a senior cat of 21 years old, this touches my heart that so many others love animals of all ages. I hope she gets the most outstanding home to live out her golden years!

  7. Years ago i knew of at hoarder but did not know where he lived. The sad thing is other rescuers knew and did noting. I do not know if it was as bad as this situation. I think not but still he had way too many cats.Thank goodness all the animals were rescued and didn’t Ann turn into the once again healthy and beautiful cat she once was? I will never understand the horrid things people do.

  8. She turned into a beautiful cat and deserves all the love she can handle. Thank you for helping this blessed soul.

  9. As I read the story the tears flow from my eyes,Thank you for saving this precious cat, and all the other cats and dogs .You are all true heroes.

  10. I am so glad that Raggedy Ann is doing good. She looked offal when she was found. That is so cruel what people do with their animals. They are the ones that should be suffering, not the animals. People who do this should be in prison.

  11. Awesome job everyone! And God bless you all for your compassion and determination! I always say “Save them all, they’re worth it and they deserve a chance!”

  12. Reading this just made me cry these poor cats and dogs ,I’m so happy you all were saved.Thank you to everyone who helped save these precious animals .🙏🙏

  13. I had a beautiful Siamese Cat, rescued from hoarders. They were stopped by eviction. The Eve News told people about them & to come adopt the cats. She was precious.

  14. Animal abusers, and Hoarders are animal abusers, should be prosecuted! Otherwise, as soon as a rescue organization steps in to help the poor animals, the Hoarders commence hoarding again! Severe fines and jail time!

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