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Pint-Sized Kitten So Happy to Be Held by Foster Family After Long Hospital Stay

Pint-Sized Kitten So Happy to Be Held by Foster Family After Long Hospital Stay

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It was a fateful day when an orphaned kitten named Peanut was brought to the Animal Care & Protective Services in Jacksonville, Florida.

At only two-weeks-old, little Peanut was shockingly small for her age.

Thankfully, someone decided to step in as her foster mom and give her the individual love and care she deserved.

However, the woman who’d volunteered to foster Peanut had to leave town for a week.

She knew she needed someone to look after the little kitten while she was away. 

That was when Brigitte Engram came into the picture.

A New Foster Family

Brigitte was going through a tough time and was unable to work at the time.

With her husband busy with work their son going back to school, she longed for something special to pour her time and energy into.

So she suggested to her husband that they get a cat. 

“I wanted to have a cat for so long. But my husband is not really a cat person,” Brigitte said. 

Fortunately, he changed his mind after seeing how much Brigitte wanted one.

With her husband now on board, she reached out to Peanut’s current foster mom volunteered to care for her while she was out of town.

The woman accepted Brigette’s offer and met with the Engram family for Peanut’s pickup.

Brigitte’s excitement to meet little Peanut soon turned into concern as she saw the tiny kitten’s condition…

Journey to Recovery

Peanut was even smaller than Brigitte expected.

She was suffering from an upper respiratory infection (URI) and covered in fleas.

“She was in terrible shape,” Brigitte recalled. 

Peanut’s life before the shelter was a mystery, but one thing was certain: life had not been fair to this sweet girl.

Her first two weeks of life had been lonely and painful.

Luckily, Peanut’s previous foster mom had already started treatment for her eyes, URI, and fleas.

Brigitte was prepared to finish what the former foster had started.

With some extra love and care, Peanut was perking up and her personality started to shine through.

Then suddenly, something happened that sent Brigitte running for help…

A Shocking Diagnoses

Peanut stopped eating and was warm to the touch.

Brigitte knew even the slightest complication could be life threatening to a kitten so young and vulnerable.

After an emergency vet visit, the Engrams discovered that Peanut had COVID-19 for cats.

She spent days in the animal hospital while the caring vet team tended to her every need.

Brigitte was worried sick, calling the vet multiple times a day to check on Peanut’s progress.

“I was calling the vet two, three times a day. I couldn’t relax knowing she was sick,” she recalled. 

But Peanut was a fighter! She had a strong will to live.

The tiny but mighty kitten pulled through and made a full recovery.

Having conquered the worst, she was finally on her way home to make up for lost time cuddling and playing with the Engrams.

Smitten for This Kitten

Brigitte wanted to adopt Peanut from the moment she laid eyes on her.

It was love at first sight and she continued to fall even more in love with Peanut with each passing day.

Brigitte wasn’t the only one who was smitten with Peanut.

Even her husband, previously against the idea of having a cat, was now putty in Peanut’s little paws.

“I’d wake up at night and catch him holding her like a baby. She changed his mind almost instantly!” said Brigitte.

There was just one problem: Peanut’s previous foster also wanted to adopt her.

When Brigitte expressed her interest in adopting Peanut to her previous foster, the woman declined her offer.

Though Brigitte was heartbroken, she respected the woman’s decision and agreed to continue fostering Peanut.

However, fate seemed to be on their side.

A Change of Plans

A day before they were supposed to return Peanut, the woman called them and gave them her blessings on adopting Peanut.

“She said, ‘If you really want to keep her, it’s okay with me.’ Because she was starting a new job, and she didn’t know if she would have enough time for her,” Brigitte said. 

The Emgrams were delighted with the news!

Peanut wasn’t going anywhere– she was exactly where she belonged.

She was fully vetted and ready to start a new chapter with her forever family.

Having won everyone in her new home over, Peanut can look forward to a life of luxury.

“She’s our little girl. She’s part of the family. We love her as our child!” said Brigitte.

She’s now a feisty feline who loves running around the house and carrying her toys everywhere she goes.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

“I encourage people to adopt. There are so many animals at shelters waiting for a family. Not just little kittens, but older cats too,” said Brigitte.

Though Peanut is Brigitte’s first foster failure, she’s fostered other animals in the past.

“Fostering is not that difficult and it saves lives. It’s hard to let them go, but you know it will make room for more animals that need a chance,” said Brigitte.

Thanks to Brigitte and the kind-hearted individuals who made Peanut’s rescue possible, this sweet girl has a lifetime of beautiful memories ahead of her.

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Sharing is caring!

David Lindsey Barnard

Thursday 14th of October 2021

A lovely couple and a beautiful baby - well done everyone involved in her recovery - love the picture of the husband cuddling her


Thursday 14th of October 2021

Wow she’s Beautiful,Congratulations I’m so happy you got to keep her .Thank you for loving her .❤️🙏

Suzanne Roussel

Thursday 14th of October 2021

I'm so happy she found a good loving forever 💕 home, she is so adorable 😍 and sweet 😍 precious 💞 baby

Christine Anne eyestone

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

What a precious little kitty. Knowing their are kind people to care for animals I myself an a cat person have adopted a few all very spoiled kitty's. Shadi you are a special person to have a cat rescue adoption organization.

Terry Wood

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Beautiful story. Warmed my heart. I am saddened because our shelters in lndianapolis will not respond to us. We want a dog and a cat.