Husky Saves Near Dead Newborn Kittens From Sealed Box In Forrest

Husky Saves Near Dead Newborn Kittens From Sealed Box In Forrest

Most people would suggest that cats and dogs can never get along.

Banner, a husky of just three years old, managed to change this stereotype when she made a discovery that saved the lives of seven newborn kittens!

Something isn’t right…

Whitney is the proud mother of her Siberian Husky, Banner.

One day, Banner was taking her typical walk in the woods when something incredible happened.

Banner the Super Dog

Just minutes later, Banner returned home, which was very unusual. Whitney became concerned because Banner usually spent several hours outdoors.

She was barking and scratching at Whitney’s feet like she wanted Whitney to follow her. Something wasn’t right!

Banner then led Whitney out into the woods.

Banner the Super Dog

After sniffing around a few trees, she came upon something unusual in the undergrowth.

At first, Whitney just assumed it was a fallen log; she was shocked after taking a closer look.

Banner had found a sealed box full of newborn kittens that couldn’t be more than a couple days old.

They were starving, freezing to death, and barely alive.

Banner the Super Dog

Someone had dropped them in the forest and sealed the box shut, leaving them to die a sad, lonely death.

Both Whitney and Banner were heartbroken at their discovery.

“It makes me sick that anyone could do that to these tiny innocent animals. It’s so cruel and heartless” says Whitney.

The Rescue

What happened next is truly remarkable. “When I opened the box,” Whitney said, “Banner…thrust her muzzle into it and neatly pulled out the white kitten.”

Banner the Super Dog

To her amazement, the white kitten was not alone. Banner then pulled out a black kitten and a spotted one, one after another, until seven tiny kittens sat before them.

The kittens were so young that they’re eyes had not yet opened. Since there was no way they could make the journey home on their own, Whitney loaded them back into the box.

With Banner keeping a close watch, Whitney toted the box full of kittens home.

A weak “meow” could be heard coming from the cardboard as they trotted along.

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Better Days Ahead

Whitney decided to feed the kittens when they returned home. Since they were only days old, she had to bottle feed them.

After filling up their tiny bellies, the seven kitties snuggled up next to Banner – he was their rescuer!

It was the start of something beautiful. From then on, Banner cared for them like her own!

Banner the Super Dog

Whitney was SO happy with her new family of nine. “I’m so happy that thanks to Banner, these kittens continue to live!” Whitney remarked.

While she did not say for certain what they will do with the kitties, they are surely destined to go to a good home.

Banner would accept nothing less for her newfound friends!

No Stranger To Giving Back

Whitney says it is no surprise that Banner decided to care for these tiny kitties. As a service dog, she has already been taking care of Whitney for many years. It is in her nature!

These kitties lucked out with an amazing new mother who has plenty of experience loving and caring for others.

Banner the Super Dog

Despite their unfortunate start, Banner saved the seven stranded kittens and gave them all of the love and affection that they had been missing.

We can’t wait to see them live out one happy life together!

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13 Replies to “Husky Saves Near Dead Newborn Kittens From Sealed Box In Forrest”

  1. What a wonderful story. Thank God there are still good kind ppl in this cruel world. God bless you Banner and your Hoomans!

  2. Banner is definitely one special fur baby! Thanks to him & Whitney those precious ‘lil kittens have a good start in life. Stories like this makes sooo happy considering all the abuse & neglect that unfortunately goes on…God bless both of them for saving precious lives! 🥰

  3. What an awesome dog. He saved those kitties from certain death. Whoever left them to die is a horrible person and should be charged with animal cruelty if they are ever located.

  4. What a wonderful thing that Banner happened along and saved these little sweet lives. The person(s) who left these babies should not be so fortunate.

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