Injured Senior Cat Appears Out of Nowhere – Leaves Woman Clue About His Mysterious Past

Injured Senior Cat Appears Out of Nowhere – Leaves Woman Clue About His Mysterious Past

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On a hot summer day in Arkansas, a family found an injured cat on the highway close to their farm.

His wounds were so severe that it was a miracle he was even alive.

Knowing the cat was on the verge of death, the family sought out the help of an experienced rescuer.

Keep reading to see if you can uncover the truth surrounding this cat’s mysterious past…

A Heartbreaking Discovery

In late August, Sarah Richardson, a rescuer with Community Cats of Central Arkansas, stumbled upon a Facebook post in a lost & found cat group that caught her attention. 

A woman was seeking help for a cat in critical condition. 

“The cat desperately needed immediate medical attention,” Sarah shared with National Kitty. “The woman warned me that the pictures of the injuries were going to be graphic.”

The family who had discovered the cat lived in a rural area, therefore it was very likely someone had dumped this poor cat on the side of the road. 

Without delay, Sarah sprung into action and drove to the farm.

Assessing the Damage

When Sarah got to the farm, she met the cat whom the children had named Sammy. 

Sammy was malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with parasites. 

“He was infested with maggots, botflies, and an unbelievable amount of fleas,” Sarah said. “The most fleas I’ve ever seen on a cat.”

Sammy was severely underweight. He was full grown, but only weighed 7 pounds

Sadly, Sammy was declawed, which left him defenseless in a rural area with predators. 

Sarah rushed Sammy home where he was injected with fluids. 

She then began removing the maggots and botflies that had infested his small, weak body. 

Sammy was injected with antibiotics and started an extensive treatment regimen for his flea infestation. 

Sarah continued treatment each day with fingers crossed. 

**WARNING: Some readers may find images of cat injuries graphic**

A Real Trooper

Sammy’s treatment was very hands-on. Even if he wanted to complain, he didn’t have the energy to do it. 

Though he was too weak to react, Sarah could tell Sammy was a sweetheart. 

Sammy was put on an IV because he was too weak to lift himself up to eat or drink.

The situation was grim, but Sarah had faith Sammy’s strong will to live would help him pull through.

Sammy’s Mystery

No one knows where Sammy came from or how he ended up on a rural highway in such horrible condition. 

Judging from the conditions he was found it, Sammy was very likely abandoned.

However, the mystery is unsolved.

He was declawed and neutered, meaning he had belonged to someone at some point.

There’s no telling how long this sweet boy had been living like this.

What we do know is that Sammy is now safe and on the road to recovery!

“He is eating three full meals a day,” Sarah shaid. “He’s gaining weight and the vet estimated he is 13 years old.”

Sammy is growing healthy enough to soon find a forever home! 

Until then, he will enjoy being showered with love and attention from Sarah and her family. 

Road to Recovery

As Sammy gradually grew healthier, glimpses of his personality started to shine through. 

“In the beginning, he was so lethargic. You could not tell a personality for the first 10 days,” Sarah said. “Now, he comes out and plays. He’s so loving!”

Sammy knows Sarah saved his life. He loves to spend one-on-one time with his rescuer and purr with gratitude. 

“Any time there is someone around him, he wants to be pet. He loves to be the top priority,” Sarah said.

Peaceful Golden Years 

Sammy will accept nothing but star treatment, but can you blame him?

The sweet senior cat has fought a difficult battle – it’s time he relaxes in the company of a loving family. 

Sarah will ensure Sammy finds the perfect home who appreciates his journey. 

Thanks to Sarah, Sammy will never have to worry about being abandoned or helpless ever again! 

About Our Hero

Sarah Richardson is one of the few people in Arkansas that rescues elderly cats with special needs.

Rehabilitating a cat as old and sick as Sammy is almost unheard of.

Had another rescue or shelter found him, Sammy would have almost certainly been euthanized.

Sarah is known for taking in cats that other rescuers would turn down.

She is committed to giving a second chance to cats who truly have no other options.

If it wasn’t for Sarah, many cats like Sammy would be euthanized or suffer a tragic fate on the streets.

Instead, Sarah’s rescue cats are thriving and living new lives with loving families they can call their own!

Sarah is entirely self funded. As an experienced rescuer, she attempts to reduce medical costs by treating anything she is able to on her own.

However, medical treatment for elderly cats in critical condition is often very costly and requires veterinary assistance.

If you would like make a donation toward Sammy’s medical treatment or the medical needs of her rescue cats, please click here.

Please click here if you would like to donate food and supplies directly to Sarah from her Amazon wishlist.

All donations help Sarah continue her life saving missions.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest rescue cats!

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10 Replies to “Injured Senior Cat Appears Out of Nowhere – Leaves Woman Clue About His Mysterious Past”

  1. What a terrible thing to do. I can’t imagine how anyone could do such a thing. I’m glad that Sammy is safe and doing well. Best Wishes Sammy and I hope that You find a happy and Loving Home soon. Take Care and God Bless ??

  2. That was so sad but the ending was so beautiful ?. You are a kind spirit ❤ ? for helping these poor babies ? God bless you Sara and your family for helping ? those poor souls ? ? they are so adorable and helpless .thank you for sharing ? I’m happy Sammy got to you in time thank you for the work you do you are an angel for those helpless babies ? ?

  3. I will never understand how or why some people want a pet, but when it gets “older” they want to get rid of it…. breaks my heart. My cat is about 14 years old and I still love him more and more every day, and I will never give him up except when he can no longer live. I want him to die in my arms so he’ll go out feeling nothing but love. True that we don’t know what happened in this cat’s life, but still, you don’t even let a declawed cat out of the house; EVER. And this is only one of the many reasons that you don’t. If you care more for your furniture then don’t get a cat, or get one that someone gave up to a shelter because they had to move or something.

  4. Makes me sick thinking about these people that just dump animals when they no longer want them. We have taken in stray cats and they stayed with us for a long time… We have always treated the dogs/cats that we have had with love and care.

  5. My Inkie lived to 23 years old. She had been declawed at 2 months and was the best cat ever. Never abandon your animals!!

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