Abused Kitten Missing Ears & Tail Works Hard to Conquer Fears and Trust Humans

Abused Kitten Missing Ears & Tail Works Hard to Conquer Fears and Trust Humans

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than learning that an animal has been abused.

That’s certainly the case with Gunner, a two-month-old kitten who was found behind a car dealership missing his ears and tail.

Tragically, it appeared that someone purposefully cut them off before abandoning this sweet boy. 

He was injured, hopeless, and defenseless. Thankfully, his story didn’t end there.

Keep reading to discover how this innocent kitten with a troubled past learned to love again. 

Courtesy of San Antonio Humane Society

A Heartbreaking Discovery

When rescuers learned what had happened to this kitten, they were quick to spring into action.

The heroes at the San Antonio Humane Society were able to rescue him and provide the urgent care and love he desperately needed. 

Staff worked around the clock to rehabilitate him, providing extensive treatments like special creams and laser therapy to speed up and ease the healing process.

Courtesy of San Antonio Humane Society

It was all worth it once his wounds were completely healed and he was able to go home with a foster family. 

Learning to Love Again

Slowly but surely, his foster family taught him how to trust humans again. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy considering his traumatic past.

But his foster family’s patience paid off. He began to interact with them and slowly learned what it meant to be truly loved. 

He realized how fun playtime, treats, and cuddles could be— and now he wants them all the time!

Courtesy of San Antonio Humane Society

Now he’ll never be alone again. His story hit the local news and people flooded the comments with love and support for this special kitten. 

One of the families that read about his incredible recovery stepped forward and adopted him, finally giving him the forever home he deserves. 

New Life, New Name

They renamed him Thor, a fitting name that honors this kitten’s strength.

The humane society said that Thor is doing great at his new home and is living a wonderful life. 

His new sister keeps him especially busy! This active girl is named Loki, and is a fellow rescue from a local humane society. 

Courtesy of San Antonio Humane Society

The family is certainly well-versed in giving love to the cats that need it most.

We don’t know who’s more excited about all of the fun years to come: Thor or his family!

Courtesy of San Antonio Humane Society

Fight Back

Share this story and be a voice for the voiceless. The first step to fight back against animal abuse it to make people aware it’s happening.

While animal abuse are hard to read, they remind us of how cruel and dangerous people can be.

Urge your local government and law enforcement officers to take animal abuse seriously.

Research shows that people who abuse animals are more likely to abuse and harm humans, if they haven’t already.

Always speak up when you notice suspicious behavior. You could be saving an animal or person from falling victim to abuse.

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20 Replies to “Abused Kitten Missing Ears & Tail Works Hard to Conquer Fears and Trust Humans”

  1. Who would do such a terrible thing to any furrbaby!!
    I cried when I read this poor furrbabies story!!
    Where did he come from?
    Thank u and hugs to everyone who helped this poor kitten heal!
    Inside and out!!
    Whoever did this should b thrown in jail!!

  2. I love when there is happy ending. I have 5 feral cats and 2 kitten’s I feed everyday they are so sweet. I love them like the u were my pets.

  3. Bless all of you helped Thor! There need to be more resources devoted to stopping animal cruelty!! Stiffer penalties! We are all God’s creatures!

  4. I have 9 rescues that I love. I live in an area where cats aren’t always treated very well.
    Like Kim, I too cried when I read this story. I am so glad to know that Thor has a loving home now after all he went through.

  5. Thank you for saving him ❤ god bless you i don’t understand how some people can be so cruel and heartless to harmless animals, he is so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ? thank you for sharing.

  6. I do not know how anyone could do this to a kitten. They need to go to prison for awhile and maybe they will think what they did to this kitten. One of these days, the people that abuse animals will pay. God did not create animals to be abused. They are supposed to be taken into homes where they can be loved and be a family member.

  7. I am thankful you guys stepped in and helped Thor. Also glad to know he was adopted! But I can’t forget was done to Thor as a kitten. I hope whoever did it was captured and received the same treatment. Yes, cut the human ears and hands! This country does not punish anyone like they should. Sorry we are way to lineant with everything. I am an animal lover and can’t handle animal cruelty!

  8. My eyes are wet with tears. I’m happy he has a loving and happy home to treat him well and love him. God bless them and God bless Thor. ❤️

  9. Just imagine the pain the kitty felt. How horrible. I believe there will be a judgement day for the abuser. He has a big surprise coming one day, well deserved, too. Bless the kitty, damn the sick abuser.

  10. Why are some people so sick in the head that they can be so cruel to akitten who is totally harmless. Why arent there laws condeming this kind of behaviour. Cruelty to animals should be a criminal offence.

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