Kitten Found in Car Engine Wins Over Man Who Swore He Didn’t Want a Cat

Kitten Found in Car Engine Wins Over Man Who Swore He Didn’t Want a Cat

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In June of 2020, employees of a business in Jonesboro, Arkansas grew concerned as they heard a strange noise coming from an unknown location.

The noise continued for two whole days until they finally realized where it was coming from…

Those weren’t just any noises – they were tiny meows.

Keep reading to discover how fate saved this kitten’s life and landed him in the arms of a loving family!

A Shocking Discovery

Two employees at a local business had been hearing strange noises coming from their company vehicles for two days. 

The sound was muffled, so they were unable to determine exactly what was making the noise.

One of the employees started to consider the possibility that the sound was a tiny “meow”.

They narrowed the sound down to one of the vans.

When they popped open the hood, they could see a sweet little kitten curled up by the engine!

Had someone actually turned on the vehicle, the kitten would have died immediately.

He was lucky he was discovered just in time!

But now the employees had another problem to solve: what were they going to do with this kitten?

A Chance Encounter

The employees stepped into the storefront holding the kitten.

What happened next was fate.

At that exact moment, a woman by the name of Jacy Cooper was walking a package that had mistakenly been delivered to her down to another shop.

“As I’m walking down to deliver this package, I happen to glance into the window of one of the other businesses, and I see a man standing there and he’s holding an incredibly small kitten,” Jacy said.

The man holding the kitten locked eyes with Jacy and saw she was wearing a facemask with cats on it.

This was his chance to ask for help!

The men approached her with the kitten in hand and asked her a simple, but shocking question.

“The moment he sees me, he opens up the door and says ‘do you want this kitten?’” Jacy said. “I was a little shocked, and then I said, ‘well, yes!’”

Destined to Meet

Jacy already had two adult cats in her home and wasn’t exactly planning on adopting a kitten.

However, the circumstances made her feel like this was the right decision.

“The night before I had decided I was going to get a new job, so I was only going to be here for a couple more weeks,” Jacy said. “It felt like fate that a kitten would show up at this place that I’m going to be leaving soon.”

Jacy took the kitten a couple doors down where she worked and found a nice spot for him to settle down and relax until she was done working for the day.

Now all she had to do was break the news to her fiancé, Josh, that she had adopted another kitten without him knowing…

Convincing Dad

At first, Jacy thought Josh would be upset that she had adopted the kitten so abruptly without speaking to him.

Josh didn’t seem very thrilled over the phone.

Even recently, he had shot down the idea of adopting another cat for practical reasons.

However, being the supportive partner that he is, he appeared at Jacy’s work moments later with a new food bowl and tasty treats.

Josh took one look at the kitten and fell in love immediately.

There was no need to convince him! It was love at first sight.

Josh and Jacy took Blue to their home where he would spend plenty of quality time getting to know his new family.

Baby Blue

When Jacy hot home, she picked up the kitten and looked into his big blue eyes.

Just like that, Jacy thought of the perfect name: Blue!

The next morning, they took Blue to the vet for a much needed wellness visit.

“He’s perfectly healthy,” Jacy said. “But, the pads on his paws were a little bit burnt from the asphalt.”

He received all of his shots and it wasn’t long before his paws healed from the burns.

Blue was on track to be a healthy and happy kitten!

Grateful to be Rescued

Jacy could tell straight from the get go that Blue had never met a stranger.

He was very social and wanted to be everyone’s best friend.

“The moment he was handed to me, he went straight underneath my chin and started purring,” Jacy said. “He at no point seemed even afraid of my other cats.”

Her cats, Leo and Ozzy, took a little more time to warm up to Blue, but they were all playing together in no time.

When Blue wasn’t exploring and bouncing off the walls, he was curled up in a ball on Jacy or Josh’s lap.

Happily Ever After

Blue is the most affectionate cat Jacy and Josh have ever met.

Their hearts melt every time he comes running around the corner and into their arms!

Blue went from crying in a car engine to snuggling on a nice warm bed with his forever family.

“All the stars kind of aligned, and now I have a third son,” Jacy laughed. 

Blue will never have to worry about being alone and scared ever again.

With his new family’s love and support, nothing can stop him!

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12 Replies to “Kitten Found in Car Engine Wins Over Man Who Swore He Didn’t Want a Cat”

  1. Such a sweet story. I wish I had the help in my area with cat rescue. I have 4 in my house and a momma and daddy and 4 kittens I feed. But I can not find anyone to help with rescue.

  2. I think that is so sweet that Blue got adopted. I am thankful that he was recused and went into a good family.

  3. Blue ha such a sweet little face that no one in their right mind could ever turn away from. If I was the one on the spot I would have adopted him instantly, no questions asked.

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