Kitten Glued To Road Adopted By Rescuers

Kitten Glued To Road Adopted By Rescuers

A tiny kitten in Salem, Oregon may have just used one of her nine lives.

One Friday morning in October 2018 Chuck Hawley was driving to work down when he saw something that shocked him…

Courtesy @stickythekitty

A Horrifying Discover

Several cars were driving in morning traffic on their way to work, yet the kitten was standing in the middle of the road.

Normally, a kitten would run out of the road for safety. When the kitten didn’t budge, Hawley realized something was terribly wrong…

When Hawley got closer, he realized that the 5-week old kitten had been intentionally glued to the pavement with what looked like rubber cement.

Horrified by the cruelty, Hawley knew he had to act fast.

He pulled over immediately and rushed through the traffic to rescue the kitten.

Rushing to the Rescue

Hawley had to carefully peel each paw from the roadway.

Hawley told KGW News, “When I went to pick her up, her feet were stuck to the road, and I’m like, ‘uh oh.’ So I start to pull her feet up, and it was like a rubber cement, so she was glued to the road. It was all under her neck and then she had a little bit down her side, but it was mostly her tail and her feet.”

Courtesy @stickythekitty

Hawley knows that this gruesome crime against the innocent kitten was done intentionally.

He goes on to say, “We were hoping that she had just walked through glue, but it was pretty apparent that somebody had soaked her feet in glue and sort of rubbed it into the pads of her feet.”

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“I think the way she was sitting someone actually went out and put her there. Because there were no glue foot prints around, it was just a glob of glue under her, so it looked like someone just took her and put her in the road”, Hawley told reporters.

Courtesy @stickythekitty

Safe at Last

Hawley took the kitten, whom he named “Sticky,” to a local veterinarian to get her checked out and cleaned up after her traumatic ordeal.

The staff used mineral oil to remove the rubber cement from Sticky’s paws.

They also found small puncture wounds on her neck, but they aren’t sure what caused them.

What is certain is that someone was abusive to Sticky before she was rescued.

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies took pictures of Sticky’s injuries and investigated who might have stuck her to the road.

Courtesy @stickythekitty

A Forever Family

Oddly enough, just a few nights before Hawley and his wife had been talking about getting a cat.

They never expected to get one the way that they got Sticky, but they couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sticky made a full recovery from her injuries and now has a forever home, complete with loving humans and a couple of dogs.

Hawley’s wife shared photos and videos of Sticky’s recovery on a Facebook page she created, called Sticky The Kitty.

Now, they share the life and times of Sticky, enjoying her new home with people who love her.

In just a short period of time, Sticky already has more than 35,000 followers.

“We’ve gotten messages from everywhere – Portugal, Australia, Sweden,” Hawley said.

Courtesy @stickythekitty

Happily Ever After

Sticky had a rough time in the beginning of her little life, but thanks to a kind-hearted stranger, Sticky now has a loving and safe forver home.

The pets and people involved could not be more thrilled.

Check out this video of Sticky just after her rescue!

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12 Replies to “Kitten Glued To Road Adopted By Rescuers”

  1. I can’t believe that someone could be so cruel as to glue this darling kitten to the road. She is lucky that she didn’t get run over. Thank you Hawley for saving her life and also giving her a loving forever home!

  2. This is disgusting that someone would sink that low to glue a kitten to a busy highway. I’m so happy that this man took her and gave her a new home where she will always be safe

  3. It is absolutely horrific that someone is so sick and would do that to such an innocent little baby !!! I really hope karma is real and that that person gets what they deserve in the end !
    But I’m extremely happy that he was able to save sticky, and give her a new home !!! Thank God there are still wonderful people in this world as well !!💓💗💖😻😻😻

  4. Thank u for saving this little baby.kitty u guys are special hero and i love yous and have a special place in.my heart god bless u

  5. I hate people who would do this.. I am so happy the kitten was saved and so proud of the person who would go to so much trouble… I hate the name. the kitten doesn’t deserve that name!

  6. So glad that someone stopped to help out this poor cat.
    Its really hard to believe the someone can be so cruel to glue
    an animal to the ground. Need to find him/her and do that to them.

  7. How could any human, due this to a poor defenceless animal. Bless you finder and bless you sticky. May you both have a beautiful life.

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