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Kitten Trapped in Car Engine Cries For Help, Family Calls Fire Dept to Come Save Him

Kitten Trapped in Car Engine Cries For Help, Family Calls Fire Dept to Come Save Him

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Dory Peterson’s husband had brought many things home from work. 

But even she was surprised when he pulled into their driveway and his truck started meowing!

Keep reading to discover how one family worked relentlessly to save this tiny, frightened kitten. 

A Surprise Guest 

Initially, Dory thought the sound was coming from her neighbor’s house, who are known for caring for stray cats. 

But as she walked closer, the meowing grew quieter. She realized that it was coming from her own yard. 

Returning home, she focused on the sound and followed the cries to where they were loudest. 

To her surprise, it led to her husband’s truck!

Her husband seemed just as amazed, but recalled that he had heard meowing earlier when he pulled into the driveway. 

After grabbing a flashlight, the search began. 

A Shocking Discovery 

They narrowed it down to the front of the truck and finally found a furry ball near the back of the engine. 

Upon closer inspection, they guessed the kitten was roughly three or four months old. 

Dory said she meowed at him, trying to offer some sort of comfort. 

Even though he was scared and shivering, he meowed back. 

They figured that the kitten had crawled under the hood sometime while Dory’s husband was at work, riding all the way home with him on his commute.

Courtesy of Dory Peterson

Calling for Backup

After they unsuccessfully tried to pull the kitten out, the Petersons agreed they needed backup. 

Her husband called the police, who referred him to the fire department. A group of firefighters soon arrived after hearing the story. 

They surrounded the car, gently poking, prodding, pushing, and otherwise doing their best to get the kitten out.

Eventually, they managed to get him out! But he was so scared that he slipped away from them and ran away…

Good News at Last 

The Petersons were initially disappointed, but later rejoiced when the kitten returned to them. 

Their daughter, Kassandra, caught the kitten and brought him in for some much-needed TLC. 

Since they saw no open wounds, they decided a vet visit could wait. For now, he needed to rest and eat. 

They wrapped him up in a warm hoodie and spoon-fed him crushed tuna.

Kassandra made sure to give him plenty of love throughout the evening. 

She scratched behind his ears and head, cuddling the kitten close to her.

Courtesy of Dory Peterson

The kitten, purring ferociously by the end of the night, soon began to fall asleep. 

They found a large potato chip bag for the kitten to spend the night in.

Dory said that it wasn’t the fanciest bed, but that the kitten was happy with it nonetheless.

Happily Ever After 

Though the family desperately wanted to keep their rescued kitten, they knew they weren’t the best fit. 

They had an old dog that wasn’t ready for a young and rambunctious roommate.

Regardless of how much Kassandra loved the kitten, she was allergic and couldn’t keep him.

Hoping to help find the kitten’s forever home, the Petersons brought him to the Tauton Animal Shelter where he’d receive medical treatment and vetting. 

There, he waits for the perfect family to come and provide a happy ending to his amazing journey!

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Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

What a cutie 💓!


Sunday 29th of August 2021

I wish those who know would answer the question, asked twice, where this kitten is located. Your priority should be to get him adopted.


Monday 30th of August 2021

Hi! This kitten has been adopted in the location it was rescued. :)


Sunday 29th of August 2021



Monday 30th of August 2021

This kitten was adopted in the location it was rescued. :)


Saturday 28th of August 2021

I am so glad that the kitten was saved. He could have died if he did not get any help. That God, there was someone that could take him in for awhile and take care of him before going to a loving home. There are a lot of good people out there in this world that really cares for kittens/cats and puppies or dogs.

Stacy D Austin

Saturday 28th of August 2021

If anybody own this kitten and let it loose somehow it should not be allowed to get it back sorry