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Kitten Trapped Under Water Heater For 10 Days – So Thankful When Help Arrives

Kitten Trapped Under Water Heater For 10 Days – So Thankful When Help Arrives

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There’s no doubt that social media has been a force for good when it comes to rescuing and rehoming animals. 

That certainly was the case for Godiva, a kitten trapped under a hot water heater for ten days

Keep reading to discover the suspenseful rescue journey of a scared kitten who was running out of time.

A Shocking Discovery

The people who owned the garage where Godiva was trapped posted on Facebook requesting help for the helpless kitten. 

Luckily, the right person saw the post just in time.

Sarah Richardson, an Arkansas cat rescuer of Community Cats of Central Arkansas, was shocked when she heard the news.

“We saw the Facebook post because we were tagged in it,” said Sarah.

As soon as she read it, Sarah and her husband jumped into action. 

Local shelters had declined to make house calls because of the pandemic, but Sarah wasn’t about to let this kitten suffer. 

Stuck in a Rough Spot

The house owners had little experience with cats and were worried about the kitten’s health. 

It was July and temperatures were quickly rising. 

They’d put out food and water every day, but were unsure how much Godiva was actually getting.

“We went immediately within the hour of seeing the post,” Sarah said. 

It took almost an hour, but she and her husband were eventually successful and managed to wriggle Godiva out of the tight space. 

“When we got her out, she was terrified – extremely terrified of everything because she’d been under there so long,” Sarah recalled.

Despite the home owners’ best attempts to feed her, the  kitten was extremely dehydrated and malnourished. 

Sarah took her home where she’d begin her journey to recovery. 

The Road to Recovery

Once back at their house, Sarah and her husband gave little Godiva a thorough physical exam. 

They realized that Godiva was young. She was roughly two months old. 

But Sarah admitted that “at first we thought she was even younger than she was, because she was so little.” 

Godiva weighed only 2 pounds. She was severely underweight for her age.

 A trip to the vet revealed that she also had worms and a severe upper respiratory infection.

Thankfully, none of her symptoms caused permanent damage and a round of antibiotics, rest, and close care had Godiva bouncing back in no time— physically, at least. 

Emotionally, she had a long way to go. 

Learning to Love Again

“She was a little bit feral because of everything that had happened to her. So she was sweet but she was just timid and shy, and she would hide,” Sarah said.

Her comfort zone was the cat tree, and her favorite spot was the hide-hole at the bottom. 

But Godiva also discovered another passion: treats!

Sarah and her husband used delicious treats and food to slowly gain Godiva’s trust. 

It took two and a half months, but they emerged triumphant. Godiva had made a full recovery! 

She reached her goal weight and became healthy enough to be vaccinated and spayed. 

Soon, it was time to find a forever home for Godiva.

Finding A Forever Family

In early November, Sarah succeeded at finding Godiva the perfect home. 

“She got adopted by this family in Little Rock who adores her,” Sarah said. “They love her. She’s still really shy in certain ways, but she loves attention.”

Her new family has been busy giving her lots of treats, another cat tree for comfort, and plenty of love and attention. 

Godiva’s Modeling Career 

Godiva has also discovered a new hobby: modeling!

“She loves to do photoshoots, if you have your phone out she’ll flip her head down and flip it up and roll it around,” said Sarah.  

Thanks to a wonderful community of local heroes, Godiva will never have to worry about being scared and hungry ever again. 

She can now focus on being the happy, healthy kitten she was always meant to be!

Meet Our Hero

Though Godiva was a kitten rescue, Sarah Richardson is one of the few people in Arkansas that rescues elderly cats with special needs.

Sarah is known for taking in cats that other rescuers would turn down.

She is committed to giving a second chance to cats who truly have no other options.

If it wasn’t for Sarah, many cats like Godiva would suffer a tragic fate.

Instead, Sarah’s rescue cats are thriving and living new lives with loving families they can call their own!

Sarah is entirely self funded. As an experienced rescuer, she attempts to reduce medical costs by treating anything she is able to on her own.

However, medical treatment for elderly cats in critical condition is often very costly and requires veterinary assistance.

If you would like make a donation to Sarah toward a rescue cat’s medical treatment, please click here.

Please click here if you would like to donate food and supplies directly to Sarah from her Amazon wishlist.

All donations help Sarah continue her life saving missions.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest rescue cats!

Please this share this article to raise awareness and support for our rescue heroes.

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Sharing is caring!

Marie G.

Sunday 29th of August 2021

Can’t thank you ENOUGH for the work you do — ESPECIALLY your work on behalf of elderly cats with special needs — population so often overlooked; warehoused in shelters waiting their turn for someone to take a chance on them, take them hone and love them. Often because of overcrowding they are euthanized. It is so sad — these kitties have so much love to give. All they need is that ONE person to say, “I want an older cat. I will take care of whatever their needs are.” In return, that cat will will give them unconditional love for the rest of their days.

Thank you too for helping beautiful little Godiva out of her situation, working with her, and then finding her a WONDERFUL home where she is loved and cared for.?

Rob M Thompson

Friday 27th of August 2021

Thank you for rescuing cats/kittens, especially senior, special needs cats!

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 25th of November 2020

That is so kind of you for saving him so adorable and sweet precious baby ?


Thursday 19th of November 2020

So Sweet! Thank You, Nation Kitty And Sarah (And Family)!