Kitten Thrown Out of Truck Window Rescued & Shown Love For the First Time

Kitten Thrown Out of Truck Window Rescued & Shown Love For the First Time

On July 11th in Corona, California a truck pulled up to a local PetCo store and carelessly threw an innocent kitten out of the truck window.

After falling through a thicket of bushes, the kitten landed on his face and ended up dislocating his jaw.

Keep reading to discover how a simple act of kindness turned this kitten’s tragic start into a beautiful ending. 

A Thoughtful Act for A Thoughtless Act

Thankfully, a kind clerk from the store saw the incident happen and rushed to rescue the kitten.

He contacted Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue for further assistance and they immediately sent over a group of rescuers to help.

It’s a mystery as to why someone thoughtlessly threw this poor helpless kitten out of their vehicle window…people can be so cruel! 

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

The kitten wasn’t feral – he was very friendly. But he was starving. The vet examined the kitten and determined he did, in fact, have a dislocated jaw. 

But rescuers were grateful there were no other serious issues found. It could have been much worse! 

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A Roller-Coaster Journey

Considering his unfortunate start, he was given the name Jaws!

The following morning Jaws had his surgery scheduled to reset his jaw into place. Which they would soon find out would be easier said than done.

“Since he is so young the jaw may pop back out of place due to kitten play, etc. If this happens Jaws will basically have to have his jaw wired shut until he fully heals,” a specialist explained.

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

Staying Positive and Remaining Hopeful

There were multiple drawbacks during surgery.

After a few attempts of resetting his jaw and it continuously popping out of place, the vet was afraid of a possible hairline fracture that couldn’t be seen. 

Further surgery was postponed, and kitten would be taken back to the specialist.

 “He’s being such a trooper though. He eats and plays well and is just over a pound so he’s likely around 6-7 weeks,” Beth stated.

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

The vet and her family took Jaws into their home while he waited to see the specialist for more tests.

He was kind enough to help her with paperwork and spent a lot of time snuggling.

The Waiting Game

Upon the day of his appointment, they received some very disheartening and unexpected news.

“The dental specialist found an old fracture on his lower right jaw. That was likely inflicted prior to being tossed from the truck but it appears to be healing well.”

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

She advised against any further surgery because of high complication rates with tiny infant kittens like Jaws. 

At about 7-8 weeks old, weighing 1.4 lbs. and performing exceptionally, she recommended scheduling his re-evaluation when his adult teeth came in around 5 ½ months of age.

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

Unfortunately, the following visits provided even more upsetting news.

Beth was informed that Jaws could possibly have cancer. More x-rays and a STAT order on a biopsy of his jaw were immediately taken.

Beth patiently awaited the results and remained hopeful.

All Clear and Thankful!

The day finally came that brought the good news everyone had been desperately hoping and praying for, the results of the biopsy were non-cancerous!

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

As fate would have it, through all the hardship and difficulties put in front of this baby kitten, Jaws overcame every obstacle and stayed strong.

With the love and help of Beth and her family, Jaws is still living under their care and is doing great!

Jaws is happy and living a wonderful life where he is loved and taken good care of.

Courtesy of Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue

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16 Replies to “Kitten Thrown Out of Truck Window Rescued & Shown Love For the First Time”

  1. Wonderful story! I don’t know how anyone could throw this baby out of a truck! What a monster. So thankful he is doing well and has so much will to survive!

  2. How cruel people are. If they do this to a defenseless kitten, they may be abusive with their family. Having pets is a lifetime responsibility. Shots, spray or neuter, care when sick etc. They are a part of the family. What monsters

  3. Why would anyone do such an awful thing to a sweet baby?? People are just awful. God bless all who saved and love jaws!! 💖💖

  4. They should throw his people out of the window! How MEAN! No excuses for this type of behavior!! They should be punished !
    Luckily there was a great lady friend. Thank you😍😍😻😻

  5. I can’t believe how cruel people are! The comment made that said there is a place in hell for the person who did this is so true! I hope they get there just rewards of a lifetime of suffering and being thrown out windows, it makes me so mad!!! So thankful that someone saw what happened and took Jaws in and gives him lots of love!

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