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Meet Smokey! He’s a stunning, 3-year-old boy from Colorado.

His mom, Donna, tells us all about him in the story below.

Keep reading to find out how this special siamese lived happily ever after!

How It All Started

I had three cats at the time, and one of them had recently passed away at 18-years-old.

My other two cats were devastated by the loss. I wanted to wait a while before adopting another cat, but my cats were lonely without their friend.

I looked online and found Smokey about 40 miles away and fell in love.

Smokey actually had a sibling that looked a lot like him, but my husband said it was best to only adopt just Smokey because 4 cats would be too much.

My husband is no longer with us. Now I have 7 cats with two sets of siblings!

Why did you name him ‘Smokey’?

I named him Smokey because of his beautiful smokey grey fur.

He’s a flame point siamese with gorgeous blue eyes. His beauty never ceases to amaze me.

He’s beautiful on the inside and out!

What does Smokey like to do for fun?

Sometimes he’s the typical cat. He loves napping and watching his siblings in the background.

When it comes to playing with his siblings, sometimes he observes and sometimes he joins the fun.

He hears me when I get up in the morning and runs to my room for a quick snuggle session and leaves.

He doesn’t go crazy for treats or canned food which is unique. It’s funny that he prefers dry food!

His loves Iams dry food and kitten milk from Chewy.

What is Smokey’s personality like?

Smokey is very chill and laid back. He goes with the flow.

He is quiet and stealthy. Sometimes he hides on me but not for long.

Smokey is very independent and introverted.

He is somewhat of a loner cat, but he can’t resist the opportunity to play when I bring the stick toys or red dot light toy out.

Smokey has a very special place in my heart. I love him so much and so do the rest of his cat siblings.

He’s an incredibly precious boy!

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9 Replies to “SMOKEY”

  1. The red thing on his head makes him look like an artist & like a COOL CAT. Go Smokey!

    I have a Smokey Shadow who is dark gray & looks at shadows (especially his own), trying to figure out what the heck is going on! He has 3 siblings, a Mom, 2 (bro/sis) from 2nd litter, & various others who liked them & joined in. They are feral cats that decided to like humans they know – when strangers arrive, you would think there are no cats within 90 miles! Cats are sweet & funny & always curious about everything! Mostly, they like being petted!

    Nice to meet you Smokey & your WONDERFUL human companion! A well-hydrated cat is a healthy cat – or so I’ve been led to believe…

    Have a nice day!

  2. Smokey looks dignified! I love every cat I see. I’m 67, and got my first kitty when I was 2 years old. Life without cats wouldn’t be nearly as much pleasure

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