Scared Kitten Trapped in Sewer Cries for Days Hoping Someone Will Save Him

Scared Kitten Trapped in Sewer Cries for Days Hoping Someone Will Save Him

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When a woman in Chesapeake, Virginia began hearing strange noises coming from storm drain, she had a gut feeling something was terribly wrong. 

When she reported the sounds to others, most doubted and dismissed her.

Despite what others thought, the woman was certain of this: something was stuck in the storm drain and desperately needed help. 

Courtesy of PETA

A Mystery Unfolds

The woman was growing more and more concerned as she listened to the distressed cries. 

Though others doubted her claims, she couldn’t bear the thought of giving up. 

Being doubted and ridiculed by others was her was the least of her concerns. It was better to be safe than sorry. 

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She was going to take matters into her own hands.

The woman decided to call PETA for help. Thankfully, field workers agreed to come investigate. 

With no time to lose, they sprang into action. 

Courtesy of PETA

Confirming Suspicions 

The fieldworkers confirmed that the sounds the woman heard were not in her imagination.

Something was certainly in the sewer. 

But now they had another problem on their hands—  finding where the sound was coming from.

The fieldworkers spent hours carefully crawling through the pipes with flashlights and equipment to help them see through the murky tunnels. 

Courtesy of PETA

However, they were unable to find the creature crying for help.

They sun went down and the day turned into night. They had no choice but to stop searching and try something else.

They  set up a humane trap with food to see if the creature would reveal itself. 

Now all they could do was wait.

Courtesy of PETA

A Shocking Discovery 

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. 

The the animal was enticed by the food in the trap and was successfully captured. 

They lifted up the trap and peaked inside. 

Courtesy of PETA

Curled up inside was not a monster or sewer creature, but a tiny, frightened kitten! 

He had been in the sewer all along while the field workers searched, but he’d been too scared to move. 

Who knows how long this kitten had been trapped in the dark, damp sewer. 

He had been screaming his tiny lungs out for days hoping someone would hear him. 

Thankfully, someone finally listened and refused to give up.

Courtesy of PETA

Cleaning Up and Chowing Down

Rescuers quickly took the kitten to local PETA headquarters in Norfolk, the Sam Simon Center. 

There, the kitten received a much needed warm bath to remove all the sludge and gunk stuck to his tiny, frail body. 

Courtesy of PETA

Workers discovered the 8-week-old kitten had a healthy appetite after he gobbled up his first real meal after a frightening journey in the sewers. 

After that, this exhausted kitten was ready for a long nap. 

Finally, he could rest knowing he was in good hands. 

Courtesy of PETA

Teenage Mutant Ninja…Kitten? 

Workers named the kitten Michelangelo (Mikey for short), after a character from the popular show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It was a fitting name considering everything the kitten had in common with the cartoon characters. 

Like Mikey, the TV show characters also traversed the sewer system, love naps, and have a big appetite! 

Courtesy of PETA

Now Mikey spends his days being pampered with love, attention, and tasty snacks in the comfort of his foster home. 

Soon, this cuddly miracle kitten will be ready for a forever home. 

PETA workers are so grateful the woman who heard the strange sounds reached out to them. 

Had she listened to the people who doubted her, Mikey would have suffered a terrible fate. 

Moral of the story: always trust your gut!

Courtesy of PETA

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10 Replies to “Scared Kitten Trapped in Sewer Cries for Days Hoping Someone Will Save Him”

  1. Poor Little Guy, I’m glad that he is now safe and ready to find a Loving Forever Home and Family. Good Luck Mikey. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone involved and especially Mikey. Best Wishes and God Bless ??

  2. Thank you for being persistent. In this crazy day & age, cats have sadly become disposable. People are to quick to give up things that don’t give instant gratification. Even in these times, we must remember, that the smallest act of kindness is a grounding force to enable us. Making us only stronger. THANK YOU FOR RESCUING THIS PRECIOUS FUR BABY.

  3. What a sweet story, thank you for sharing! Mikey is a reminder of why we all need to be on the lookout for animals in need.

  4. I am so glad that Mikey was rescued and now is in good hands. I hope he finds a good loving home with people who love animals. He will be in good hands when he finds a loving family that will take good of him and he will never have to go through this again. God bless who ever adopts him.

  5. Hi does anyone know how Michelangelo Mikey is doing? I’m so happy he was saved and she didn’t give up thank you so much

  6. Thank you for rescuing this adorable kitten! Remember always go with your gut feeling about things. Mikey, you are a doll! So cute! 😍🐈👍👏

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