Kitten With Crushed Paw Loses Leg, Finds Home With Cat Just Like Him

Kitten With Crushed Paw Loses Leg, Finds Home With Cat Just Like Him

**WARNING: Some viewers may find images of cat injuries graphic.**

In may of 2019, a West Palm Beach resident found a poor little cat underneath her home who desperately needed help.

Once she was able to get close enough to the cat, she realized his paws were severely injured and infected.

She knew he wouldn’t last much longer in his condition.

Keep reading to see how patience and love helped this kitty get back on his feet.

A Grim Situation

When a good samaritan found a hurt kitty hiding under her trailer, she acted quick and called Carmen Weinberg, Founder of the Animal Friends Project in Delray, Florida.

She sent Carmen a text with a photo of the poor little kitty’s paw.

Courtesy of Carmen

“It was really bad” Carmen told National Kitty. “I immediately asked a couple of friends that live near there to go and see if they could find him.”

With how bad the cat’s paw seemed from the photo, Carmen knew time was of the essence.

When the first person couldn’t find the cat, Carmen posted to facebook for help and they gathered a 5 person search party. 

Courtesy of Carmen

Everytime they got close, the kitty ran away.

So, they decided the best plan was to have the woman who originally found him set out some food and wait for him to come by.

Courtesy of Carmen

Safe at Last

Eventually, the little kitty came by to eat and she was able to whisk him away.

At 10:00 pm, Carmen got a call saying the kitten had been caught, but both of his legs seemed to be in really bad shape.

Courtesy of Carmen

Carmen rushed over there as soon as she could in the morning. 

“When I got there, I was really horrified.” She said. “It killed me to see his eyes. He was in so much pain and crying.”

Courtesy of Carmen

She rushed him to a vet that could treat him but also keep him quarantined for rabies.

His legs were in horrible shape. It looked almost as if he was bitten and the bite had become infected.

Courtesy of Carmen

Later on, Carmen got a call from the vet saying that one of the legs would need to be amputated.

But, the vet said she was very optimistic about the other back leg. After three weeks of treatment and cleaning twice a day, his other leg was saved!

Courtesy of Michelle

The Perfect Home

Carmen named him Apricot.

Apricot was very shy at first in his new foster home and needed time to build confidence.

Courtesy of Carmen

He was a little afraid of the other cats and would spend all day hiding under the couch.

Carmen thought this might be because Apricot felt vulnerable only having three legs. 

Carmen put up a video of Apricot on her Instagram hoping that maybe someone might be able to give him a less busy home.

Miraculously, Apricot’s perfect match found him.

Courtesy of Michelle

Happily Ever After

A woman named Michelle called saying that she had a three-legged cat of her own that would love a playmate.

Courtesy of Michelle

At first, Michelle gave him a whole room to himself so he could get used to his new environment.

Apricot was renamed Andy – a fitting name for his adorable personality.

After some time, Michelle introduced Andy to his new three-legged brother, Bo!

Courtesy of Michelle

Michelle said, “I fell in love with his precious face the day I saw his picture. His pitiful tear filled eyes broke my heart & he’s all I could think about. I am so thankful that he’s in our family now.”

“Since then, you can just see how much he’s blossomed,” Carmen said after receiving word from Michelle. “He gained weight and confidence, and now he’s almost a little too confident. He’s chasing the other ones and playing.”

Andy continues to be happy and healthy in his home now that he knows he’ll be safe and loved forever!

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Carmen Weinberg and volunteers of the Animal Friends Project are the reason many cats have a second chance at life.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see all the wonderful work they do!

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7 Replies to “Kitten With Crushed Paw Loses Leg, Finds Home With Cat Just Like Him”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing our precious Andy’s story. We’re so thankful to have him in our lives. He completed our little family. A big thank you to all of the people involved in rescuing him!

  2. I love that you adopted Andy (I loved the name Apricot, but maybe he was too macho for the name! Lol!). He looks so happy & healthy now. Thank you to everyone involved in saving this adorable ginger tripod!! Who’d have thought he’d find a forever home with another tripod kitty!! I love a happy ending😀

  3. Wonderful and I am happy for Andy to have a forever home, a new life, but also happy to hear stories of people who care and put that care into action. Well done everyone concerned in saving Andy – a lesson for us all

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