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Sick Cat Suddenly Disappears, Woman Shocked To Find Her Picture Online

Sick Cat Suddenly Disappears, Woman Shocked To Find Her Picture Online

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On a cold winter night in December of 2019, a stray cat followed a group of college roommates home in search of food.

Soon, the cat became a frequent visitor. This all changed one night when she suddenly disappeared…

Keep reading to discover how these determined college students refused to give up on finding this friendly stray cat!

Hungry and Alone

As a group of friends were headed home one evening, they noticed a scrawny cat following close behind them. 

When they got home and took a closer look at the cat, they realized she was in terrible condition.

The cat was very skinny and her fur was dirty and matted.

Suzie, one of the roommates, went inside and found some human food that would be safe for cats.

All it took was this small act of kindness for the cat to start trusting her.

“We hung out with her for a little bit and she was really skittish,” Suzie shared. “The next night, she came back. So, we gave her more food.”

A Recurring Guest

Once they realized the cat was coming back night after night, they purchased some real cat food for her. 

Because she looked so malnourished, the friends had thought perhaps this was someone’s cat who had gotten lost.

They took photos and started posting online to see if anyone had lost their cat, but had no luck.

Because the cat only showed up at night and no one seemed to have lost a cat nearby, Suzie began to think she might be someone’s outdoor cat that was neglected.

Everything changed when one night, their furry friend didn’t show up…

Lost and Found

Suzie thought that maybe the cat was lost and her owner found her, but her instincts told her that something was wrong…

“So, we started looking for her on shelter pages,” Suzie said. “Then we saw her on a website for a local shelter and we drove there immediately.”

When the roommates got to the shelter, the staff asked if this was their cat.

Suzie said no, but they had been feeding it and wanted to check on her. 

Suzie knew that adult cats are often euthanized at shelters if they are not adopted quickly.

She couldn’t bear the idea of this sweet cat dying.

“They asked us if we wanted to adopt the cat,” Suzie said. “Even though that wasn’t the original plan, we caved immediately.”

The Road to Recovery

The poor cat was covered in fleas and still needed to be spayed.

So, she spent a little bit more time in the shelter before it was time for her to go to her new forever home!

She was estimated to be a little over a year old, but only weighed four pounds.

At the time, she was extremely underweight for her age. It was clear she had lived a harsh life on the streets.

Needless to say, Suzie and her roommates were more than ready to be reunited with their old friend!

Adored By All

Cleaned up, flea free, and spayed, the cat went home with Suzie ready to leave the street life behind.

It took some time for her to adjust to having 5 new roommates after being alone for so long.

“We felt like we were scaring her at first, because all five of us were super close to her and trying to pet her.” Suzie said. “But, she quickly warmed up to us and would lay on the couch with us.”

They named her Rosie, after Rosalind Franklin, the chemist.

It was a sophisticated name for a sophisticated cat.

Rosie had a healthy apetite and started to gain weight.

After living on the streets and begging for food, she was delighted to have consistent delicious and nutritious meals.

Her fur was no longer dirty and matted. Instead, she had a beautiful, shiny coat.

Happily Ever After

Rosie went from being a neglected street cat to being adored by a loving family.

Rosie enjoys her independence but knows she has a home filled with loving humans who cherish her company.

“Now she kind of knows that she’s the MVP of the house, and we’re all obsessed with her,” Suzie said.

Now healthy and happy, Rosie knows that she’ll always be fed and never spend another night alone.

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Saturday 16th of May 2020

I love stories with happy endings. I'm grateful to all those who helped her. She is beautiful...and I can see she is loved.

Opal Rose

Monday 11th of May 2020

This is a touching story. I wish I could help all the wounded, helpless, and diseased cats but sadly I can't. God bless Rosie's family and Rosie.

Jade Minri

Monday 11th of May 2020

Yes. I too wish I could help all the cats. I hope Rosie has a good life!

Jane Ellen Andreassi

Monday 11th of May 2020

Beautiful story!!❤❤??Rosie is gorgeous ! Thanks to these girls for being so kind and loving!

Azar Attura

Saturday 9th of May 2020


Karen Niffenegger

Friday 8th of May 2020

B eautiful story. I'm so happy Rosie has a fur ever home.