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Meet MaggieMae! MaggieMae was a beautiful girl who recently passed after 15 wonderful years with her mom, Judy, in Georgia. 

MaggieMae was adopted by her cat mom, Judy, when they first locked eyes in a PetSmart. According to Judy, it was love at first sight!

MaggieMae’s favorite activity was jumping after her feather toy.

If she wasn’t doing that, she was snuggling with her human, patiently awaiting ear scratches. 

If there was one thing MaggieMae loved more than ear scratches, it was food.

She loved dry food and the occasional wet food treat. She also loved her Friskies party mix treats. 

MaggieMae was the perfect cat – independent and refined, yet loving, loyal, and sweet.

Losing MaggieMae has been very difficult for Judy, but she takes comfort in knowing she lived a long, happy life.

We’re proud to honor MaggieMae’s legacy and call her a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

Judy ,I’m sorry for the loss of your cat Maggie Mae ,this picture that I’m looking at is a very beautiful picture of her my condolences to you and your family and I’m happy she made it as kitty of the week God bless you. RIP Beautiful Angel.?

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 11th of November 2020

So adorable ? and sweet precious baby ? sorry for your loss R.I.P sweet baby girl

Cindy Savignano

Wednesday 11th of November 2020

So very sorry for your loss but so very happy that y’all had a happy and long, good life together. Prayers for healing! ❤️❤️❤️


Tuesday 10th of November 2020

My heart goes out to Judy on Maggiemaes passing. I know your pain. My Shamone passed 1 14 2020. I miss her dearly. Just know she is always with you Judy.

Michael Freitas

Tuesday 10th of November 2020

I'm so sorry. MaggieMae was a great companion and I'm sure that She misses You very much too.