Man Saves Cat No One Would Touch From Life of Suffering

Man Saves Cat No One Would Touch From Life of Suffering

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On July 2, 2020, a desperate call was made to a rescue group in Hawaii about a cat spotted in horrible condition.

A cat with severe mange was helplessly wandering the forrest blind and on the verge of death.

Keep reading to learn how one man’s love and commitment saved this cat from a life of pain and suffering. 

A Shocking Discovery 

One July evening, a concerned individual made a post in Catopia Hawaii about a cat with horrible mange spotted in a local hiking area.

Bret Thompsett, a volunteer rescuer for the organization, sprang into action after hearing the news.

He rushed to the site where the cat was spotted, but it was pitch black outside.

“At the last minute, just as I was about to leave, I spotted him,” Bret shared. “He looked like a rock.”

The cat’s mange was so bad that he hardly resembled a cat anymore. 

His fur had hardened and his eyes were glued shut from the mange.

This poor cat had been wandering the forrest blind and in pain.

Bret knew he needed to act fast. 

Rushing to the Rescue 

Bret had some of his rescue equipment with him, but he did not have a net. 

“He immediately bolted into the bushes,” Bret said. “But, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

Bret returned to the site with a net on July 4th hoping to find the cat again.

“I found him and I netted him,” Bret said. “He didn’t put up much of a fight. He was clearly exhausted.” 

Bret placed him in a carrier and took him to a fellow rescuer’s home.

They got to work on making the cat as comfortable as possible until he was able to see the vet. 

Upon examining him, the truth was much worse than they imagined… 

Assessing the Damage

They named the cat Bomber after being rescued on the 4th of July. 

Bret, his girlfriend, and their rescuer friend spent the 4th of July bathing Bomber and assessing his condition. 

Throughout all of this, Bomber didn’t make a peep.

It was clear he had given up hope a long time ago. 

“He was super skinny, decently hydrated, and covered in sores,” Bret shared. 

A Fighting Chance

After seeing Bomber’s picture, members of another rescue organization said that he had the worse case of mange they had seen in 30 years.

They advised Bret to euthanize Bomber, but he refused to accept this as an answer!

After the years of suffering Bomber had endured, Bret was determined to give him a second chance. 

Luckily, a vet tech paid a visit to Bomber at the foster’s house.

“The vet tech came along and said ‘No, he can be saved. We’re gonna save him’,” Bret said. “I’m all in!”

That night, Bomber began his treatment while Bret waited with fingers crossed.

“He got treated for the mange with Revolution,” Bret said. “He got subcutaneous fluids, vitamins, dewormer, and a bath. The whole time, he didn’t make a sound.”

Bomber waited patiently as his rescuers attempted to ease his pain. 

Beautiful Bomber

After his initial treatment, Bomber was taken to the vet as soon as they opened. 

It was there that they discovered Bomber was microchipped by a local shelter. 

Bret called the shelter for more information.

Bomber was roughly 3.5 years old and had been neutered as part of a TNR project. 

Sadly, there was nothing the shelter could do for him.

Bret and his fellow rescuers were Bomber’s only hope. 

Road to Recovery

Apart from being FIV+ and having severe mange, Bomber was healthy. 

Unfortunately, Bomber had to have half of his tail amputated because of irreparable damage caused by a fishing line. 

Throughout all of his treatment, Bomber never complained.

He somehow knew he was in good hands. 

Learning to Love

Bret is proud to say that Bomber has made a full recovery from his mange!

He still needs time to rest and regain his strength after years of suffering.

However, Bomber now has a new challenge to face. 

“He needs a lot of socializing,” Bret said. “We’re going to bring him back to being a socialized cat.”

It was clear Bomber had been abused in the past. 

Bret started to notice some disturbing signs that confirmed his suspicions. 

“We think he was badly abused because he recoils back, flattens his ears and squints his eyes when you touch him. Especially with men.”

Bomber is showered with love and attention from Bret and his girlfriend. 

For the first time in his life, he knows he is safe and taken care of. 

“He will never be a colony cat again. We will do whatever it takes to show him what true love is,” Bret shared. 

Be sure to follow Bret on Instagram to keep up with Bomber and his other incredible rescue cats!

About Our Hero

Catopia Hawaii is a volunteer driven non-profit devoted to rescuing cats and kittens from neglect, suffering, and abuse.

Volunteers like Bret and many others selflessly sacrifice their time and resources to rescue cats that would otherwise suffer on the streets.

Without Catopia Hawaii’s help, Bomber wouldn’t be alive and healthy with a loving family by his side.

However, they are entirely self funded and rely on the donations of kind hearted individuals to continue their life saving missions.

Please consider donating to Catopia Hawaii.

Every cent of donations are spent on the rescue and medical rehabilitation of cats in critical condition.

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8 Replies to “Man Saves Cat No One Would Touch From Life of Suffering”

  1. I am a rescue and foster for 4 yrs now. I am also a cna for 15 yrs. I am currently fostering a 14 year old female since last year June. last year I fostered 4 cats adoptedout 3 through Paws watch East Providence chapter. Paws watch is a very successful rescue group. I can and have rehabilitated them so they can be adopted. Three yrs ago i fostered 3 females all beautiful and black adopted out 2 i kept precious. When I read the story about Boomer it reminded me of this poor female black cat that I kept she was the same way as you go to pet her her ears go down her head goes down oh my God the poor thing. They we’re all outdoor feral cats I rehabilitated they became more relaxed and people-friendly.

  2. Euthanize? People are helped at all cost even when they are have a terminal disease. This guy had mange albeit an extreme case. He deserved the chance to heal and get the love he should have had all the time he was out there struggling to survive. Bravo to Bret for not listening to that rescuer who suggested euthanization, a term that is used far too many times when it is really killing that is what it is. I am not saying that was her intention but that should have been the last option.

  3. Thank you for rescuing Bomber. It’s sad that in this day and age, humans are so cruel and uncaring. So grateful that there people out there are still rare individuals that will do whatever it takes to save a life. THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you for saving him you are his angels 😇 so adorable 💕 and precious baby. Thank you for sharing his story i have 2 rescued cats i adoted and they are my life they are both very adorable ❤ and precious to me,have a great day and God bless all of you

  5. It is wonderful the amazing recovery Bomber had. Such kind people to give him all the medical help and lots of TLC. It is sickening how he was abused by whoever had him originally. So heartless! It is so heartwarming though that this story has a happy ending … which is only the beginning for this precious kitty … 🙂

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