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Meow Mail Update: Jasper

Meow Mail Update: Jasper

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Remember Jasper, the paralyzed cat found behind a church with a gunshot wound?

We have wonderful news to share: Not only did he survive, but he’s been adopted by an amazing family! 

Jasper had to spend a couple months at the animal hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

He had multiple leg surgeries and needed to be under constant medical supervision. 

After an intense treatment protocol and several weeks of physical therapy, he was finally ready to start looking for his forever family.

“We thought it would take longer for him to find the right home considering his special needs, but he found the perfect home much sooner than we expected!

Sarah, his rescuer and rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, is thrilled to see Jasper enjoying his new life with a loving family.

He was adopted into a home with 2 cat siblings!

Jasper loves other cats, so he is very happy about having siblings to play and nap with. 

However, Jasper will continue to need special care for the foreseeable future. 

“He was having an issue with a pinched nerve where pins was placed during surgery,” said Sarah. “They were recently removed and he’s felt much more comfortable ever since!”

Follow-up care is to be expected after having multiple invasive surgeries. 

What matters most is that he’s safe and surrounded by people who love and adore him. 

Jasper is still incredibly sweet, loving, and trusting of humans. This is a miracle in itself considering everything he’s been through. 

Sarah and the CCCA volunteers are incredibly grateful for the donations collected for Jasper’s life-saving surgeries and follow-up care.

“Jasper’s surgeries and hospitalization cost us several thousand dollars,” said Sarah. “We were afraid that we wouldn’t have the money to help our other rescue cats.”

We’d like to thank everyone who donated or shared Jasper’s story.

Your kindness and generosity made it possible for this sweet boy to walk again!  

If you’re not already, we hope you consider becoming a monthly donor to the Emergency Cat Fund through our Meow Mail program to help future rescue cats & kittens live happily ever after!

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