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Senior Bengal Cat Rejected Her Entire Life, Spends 15 Years Bouncing Between Homes

Senior Bengal Cat Rejected Her Entire Life, Spends 15 Years Bouncing Between Homes

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In a world where senior cats are often overlooked and undervalued, we’re happy to highlight the heroic work of rescuers who give these cats a fighting chance. 

Our story begins when Sarah Richardson, rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central AR, received a call from a woman who wanted to surrender her 6-year-old Bengal cat.  

When Sarah asked why, the woman said that the cat, later named Daisy, was bullying her other cats. 

The woman also said she’d keep Daisy until Sarah found an adopter that’d be a good fit. 

Less than 2 days later, the woman suddenly changed her mind and made a rash decision.

She decided that she “couldn’t tolerate” Daisy anymore and dumped her at her neighbor’s house. 

The neighbor immediately contacted Sarah who took sweet Daisy home that night. 

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Remember how Daisy was allegedly 6 years old? Well that turned out to be very far from the truth.

Upon first glance, Sarah could tell Daisy was older…much older than 6. 

Her teeth were broken and full of tartar, her ribs were showing, and she barely weighed 5 pounds. 

“She was skin and bones,” said Sarah. “She had a petite frame to begin with, but we could tell something was terribly wrong with her.”

Poor Daisy was visibly traumatized. She immediately ran to the little cubby in a nearby cat tree and trembled with fear. 

Other cats tried to interact with her, but she was too scared.

Despite being frightened, her defensive instincts never kicked in.

She didn’t hiss or swat– she just kept her head down and tried to not to draw attention to herself. 

Daisy was surrendered for being a “bully”, but her eyes told a different story.

She was just a sick, frail, little cat who’d been neglected her entire life. 

“There’s no way this cat could ever be a bully,” said Sarah. “First of all, she’s far too timid. Secondly, she’s too weak and sick to instigate conflict with other cats even if she wanted to.”

Sarah’s suspicions about Daisy’s age were confirmed by a veterinarian after a thorough medical assessment. 

The Truth Revealed

Daisy was estimated to be at least 15 years old

“The vet said she had not been taken care of in a very long time,” said Sarah. “We were looking at a long-term neglect issue.”

She was so old that she was beginning to develop cataracts, which is unheard of in young, healthy cats. 

Her previous owners said she was an indoor cat for most of her life and had only recently been allowed outdoors. 

However, Daisy’s broken teeth revealed her previous owners’ lies yet again.

She had cracked teeth from chewing on concrete and rocks over a long period of time.

Sarah confronted Daisy’s previous owners about her true age, and they responded that the man they bought her from said she was 6 years old. 

They also said the man they bought her from had purchased her from someone else.

That’s when Sarah put the pieces together and realized Daisy had been re-homed multiple times over the course of her life. 

Rejected and Neglected

She’d been rejected over and over, never having a stable or safe place to call home. 

“This is just another heartbreaking case of people buying designer cats they’re not prepared to take care of,” said Sarah. “They end up neglecting them because they don’t invest time or money into their care requirements and exercise needs.”

Sarah has seen this happen over and over again; Griffin the savannah cat and Fefe the Persian cat are just a few examples out of the hundreds of neglected exotic cats Sarah has rescued. 

“If you want a designer cat, please do your research and adopt one from a rescue,” said Sarah. “Stay away from breeders at all costs. Every purchase from a breeder increases the demand for these cats and contributes to this vicious cycle we see.”

Welcome Home, Daisy!

Daisy had a life full of hardship and neglect, but Sarah was committed to making sure Daisy’s luck changed for the better.

She was entered into the CCCA senior cat program, a long-term foster program for senior cats who need special care and medical supervision for the rest of their lives. 

“The neglect she endured left her with a lot of long-term health complications,” said Sarah. “She’ll need to be on a very strict health regiment for the rest of her life, so she’s going to join our senior cat program.”

Thanks to Community Cats of Central Arkansas, Daisy has a safe, comfortable home to spend her golden years in. 

Daisy is still facing an uphill battle to improve her health, but she’s already looking and feeling much better! 

She’s on a nutrient dense diet rich in vitamins and minerals, has been treated for parasites, and has finally reached her goal weight to become up-to-date on her vaccines.

“She used to be so frail and lethargic,” said Sarah. “Now she’s gained some muscle mass, put on some healthy weight, and has the energy to play with toys!”

Daisy’s Transformation

Daisy’s foster mom said that she’s embracing her new life with curiosity and playfulness! 

Daisy is no longer the timid frail cat she used to be; she’s a confident and affectionate senior cat who knows her new home is her final destination. 

This recent boost in energy has made her even sweeter, making it even more evident that her previous owners were lying about her being a “bully”.

“She isn’t a bully. In fact, she was never a bully,” said Sarah. “She gets along beautifully with other cats and doesn’t show the slightest hint of aggression.”

Daisy is head-over-heals in love with her forever foster family!

She’s living her best life and trusts the CCCW team to take care of her. 

Senior Cat Sanctuary

Senior cats deserve just as much of our love and compassion as younger cats. 

Most surrendered senior cats spend their final moments in a cramped shelter, frightened and alone.

Instead, their final years should be spent in a loving home where they feel safe and cherished, surrounded by soothing voices and familiar faces. 

By donating to the senior cat fund through the Meow Mail program, you’ll help senior cats live longer, healthier lives and ensure that when the time comes, they will cross the rainbow bridge in a dignified, peaceful manner.

Please consider making a one time or recurring donation to help provide food and medical care for senior cats like Daisy. 

In exchange for your donation, you’ll receive a heartwarming update on how your donation helped a senior cat in need. 

A Voice for The Voiceless

Donations benefit Community Cats of Central Arkansas, a small 501(c)3 non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates cats that are victims of cruelty, neglect, and abandonment in a rural part of Arkansas with high animal cruelty rates and limited resources.

See more of their incredible work by following their rescue coordinator, Sarah Richardson, on Instagram and Facebook.

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