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Meow Mail Update: Sabrina & Salem

Meow Mail Update: Sabrina & Salem

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Sabrina and Salem were two separated shelter kittens who injured themselves trying to break free from their cages so they could be together again. 

After an interesting turn of events, their rescuer, Sarah Richardson, finally solved the mystery.  

She did some investigating and realized they were brother and sister!

The reason they were fighting to bust out of their cages was because they were siblings who loved and missed each other.

What happened next was a beautiful reunion! 

Thanks to your donations and loving support, we have more good news to share about this bonded pair. 

Sabrina and Salem were adopted last week! 

A newly married young couple met them and immediately fell in love. 

They adopted both of them, welcoming them into a home where they’re treated like royalty. 

“They’re the king and queen of the house,” said Sarah. “They’re the only pets and now they’re spoiled rotten!”

The couple sends Sarah plenty of pictures of Sabrina & Salem living a life of luxury. 

They’re spoiled with an assortment of toys and even have their own Christmas themed cat beds!

“They deserve this,” said Sarah. “It’s clear to everyone that they’re very grateful to have each other.”

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support. 

Your donation helped them receive vet care, follow-up treatments, and be spayed/neutered in time to meet their forever family. 

Sarah found them sick and injured, but now they’re happy and healthy! 

The stress and anxiety they experienced from being separated at the shelter led them to become dehydrated and malnourished from not eating or drinking. 

“The donations helped us afford to put them on a good quality diets and nourish their little bodies,” said Sarah. 

Thanks to you, Sabrina and Salem are together forever in a home that loves them unconditionally!

A Voice for The Voiceless

Donations benefit Community Cats of Central Arkansas, a small 501(c)3 non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates cats that are victims of cruelty, neglect, and abandonment in a rural part of Arkansas with high animal cruelty rates and limited resources.

If you’re not already, we hope you consider becoming a monthly donor to our Meow Mail program to help future rescue cats & kittens live happily ever after!

See more of their incredible rescue cases by following Sarah Richardson, rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central AR, on Instagram and Facebook.

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