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Meet Morrison, a 4-year-old sweetheart from Florida!

Morrison was rescued by his human, Alan, two years ago.

Alan had been feeding a feral cat colony in his neighborhood when he noticed a new cat he’d never seen before.

It turns out this ‘feral cat’ wasn’t so feral after all! In fact, he was very friendly.

The cat, later named Morrison, made himself right at home and invited himself into Alan’s house as if it were his home all along.

Alan soon realized Morrison was not fixed or microchipped. He took him to the vet and discovered that he was roughly two years old.

Seeing how desperate Morrison had been to find food and shelter after two rough years on the streets made Alan want to give Morrison the best life possible.

And the rest is history!

Morrison made the decision for Alan: he was moving in.

Alan named his new cat Morrison after the lead singer of “The Doors”, Jim Morrison.

He had Morrison chipped, fixed, and prepared to join his forever home.

Two years later, Morrison couldn’t be happier.

“He likes to eat and communicate with his right paw. When I rub his back he licks his chops and bobs his head,” said Alan.

He spends his days sitting on his human’s lap and playing with his hotdog toy!

Morrison is a real snuggler. His favorite thing to do is lay down on his humans while they sleep!

As far as food goes, Morrison is fairly partial to soft chicken treats. He’s also been known to enjoy chewable sticks and chicken pumpkin pet food.

Not only is Morrison handsome, but he’s also very intelligent.

“Morrison is so cool. He’s very feisty, playful, and smart,” Alan shared. “We got him a ball you fill with small cat treats and rolled it on the floor, and he figured out how to open it in two seconds!”

Alan is so happy he let Morrison stay in his house that day he found him there.

Morrison is the perfect balance between independent and needy!

He can entertain himself but also is thankful for his humans for taking care of him!

Sweet and smart, we’re proud to call Morrison a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!

Suzanne Roussel

Thursday 31st of December 2020

That is so sweet of Alan to take Morrison in he his so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ?

Cooky Silverman

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

I am so happy that Morrison is in a forever home. I have two rescue cats and they are awesome. They get along well with my rescue dog.??

Judy Cardin

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

That was a wonderful story! I also have a feral colony.