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Australian Firefighters Pose with Rescue Cats for 2021 Calendar Benefitting Animal Welfare Charities

Australian Firefighters Pose with Rescue Cats for 2021 Calendar Benefitting Animal Welfare Charities

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The weather may be cooling down, but the 2021 Australian firefighters calendar is hot off the press! 

The 2021 series features more than a dozen pictures of shirtless firemen with rescue animals, therapy animals, and Australian wildlife. 

This is a slight change from past years, wherein the four-legged models were primarily dogs or cats. 

We can’t decide who’s cuter: the firemen or the animals!

Keep reading to discover how these local heroes are going beyond serving on the front lines to serving animals. 

Australian Firefighters Calendar

An Honorable History

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has a long history of supporting animal welfare. 

It was originally established in 1993 to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and has been raising funds ever since for a variety of nonprofits and charities. 

To date, it’s raised over $3.2 million!

They offer calendars, planners, greeting cards, and even pillowcases. 

Australian Firefighters Calendar

And though their supporters share a love for all animals, they offer different calendar themes on their website for anyone who has a particular animal they want featured. 

Among the themes are a dog calendar, cat calendar, and heroes edition honoring Australian firefighters.

Pictured are not simply handsome men holding cute animals.

These are the same men that fought courageously to save animals from suffering a tragic fate in Australia’s devastating bushfires.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

Ordinary Heroes with an Extraordinary Mission

This year, the funds and awareness raised by the Firefighters Calendar are more important than ever. 

While every countries has suffered heartbreaking consequences because of the pandemic, Australia has also been hit by devastating wildfires and natural disasters. 

The world looked at Australia in despair as reports of destroyed bushland came rolling in. 

In addition to the loss of vital habitats, an estimated three billion animals were killed or injured.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

Fortunately, people opened their hearts and fought back.

Like with any tragedy, ordinary people emerged as heroes in the midst of a disaster.

Local and international citizens jumped into action by donating money, time, and precious resources for the displaced animals and residents.

Among these heroes are the brave men and women who served on the front lines, attempting to contain and put out the raging bushfires. 

The firefighters in particular, played a very special role.

They risked their lives and worked day and night to fight what seemed like a hopeless battle.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Despite everything the firefighters already done, they have no intention of slowing down. 

They are just as determined to keep giving back to the community, whether it be helping humans or animals.

In the past, firefighters modeled for the calendar with shelter animals available for adoption. 

Since COVID-19 restricted the firefighters’ access to animal shelters, they invited the public to bring their own rescue animals. 

Australian Firefighters Calendar

People responded enthusiastically, offering their rescues and fosters as models for the photoshoot.

All of the funds raised from the calendar will go to adoption efforts through local organizations like the Safe Haven Animal Rescue and All Breeds Canine Rescue.

Between the handsome firefighters and adorable animals, this calendar is a site for sore eyes. 

We thank these everyday heroes for going above and beyond to save lives and support animal welfare!

Australian Firefighters Calendar

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Suzanne Roussel

Friday 1st of January 2021

That is wonderful love the work they do they are all angels ? ❤ to humans and animals ❤ ♥ ?

Michele Fruth

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

God bless the firefighters for ALL they do and sacrifice. Calender are adorable.

Marie Kennedy

Monday 28th of December 2020

Our firefighters sure don't looklike them:-)!


Monday 28th of December 2020

I love the pica. That is wonderful the firefighters will pose with the animals. They are real heroes!